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Pay Per Click advertising or Organic Search Engine Optimization?

It has become quite obvious that internet is going to rule the marketing and advertising world in th...
Published: 27 Jan 2010
Category: Digital Marketing & SEO
Home Blog Pay Per Click advertising or Organic Search Engine Optimization?

It has become quite obvious that internet is going to rule the marketing and advertising world in the coming future. We the ordinary guys just do not have any choice in it. Whosoever is responsible for this revolution that is sweeping the entire globe; one thing is clear that now it has spread like wildfire and in no uncertain terms it is going to spread at least for a long long time to come. Well, but the story of the revolution is still incomplete without going into the details of the modus operandi of this majestic web that has been woven all around us.

If you are a company seeking to promote its products or services or an individual who is trying to say something loud and clear to the rest of the world, the World Wide Web is only going to provide you with a larger and a more varied audience. The most important question you might ask is that how and by what means you are going to navigate through this ocean that allows you to see only the next immediate wave and not the others following it.

Well, the answer to that is through the all-powerful tools known as search engines. Whatever you might be using the internet for, the search engines help you cruise through the net and see for yourself all the information that you seek. Well, if you need to use this medium for promotion then the two most optimal methods at your beck and call are the Search Engine Optimization or pay per click advertising. Both of these methods have their own merits as well as limitations. In search engine optimization the website of your company is ranked in the search engines in accordance with the rules and regulations of the search engines. The more in tandem is your website with the search engine algorithms, the better chances are that your website would be ranked higher in the search engines. But getting your website and subsequently, your company noticed by a larger audience, this method might take a long time and consistent and dedicated inputs.

The other way of online marketing is the newer method of pay per click marketing. This method of online marketing can get you comparatively faster results.

In Pay per Click Advertising, you are required to make bids on the keywords that you think would be the most searched by the by the visitor to the net. Every time a visitor clicks on your website a certain amount would be deducted from your account by the search engine. Although it might sound simple, effective and fast, there are certain parameters that are to be taken into account before you choose this methodology. The most important thing is the selection of the keywords. It is really vital that the keywords that you choose are the ones that can get optimal results for your website.

Well, the choice is yours. Depending upon the business requirement that you have and the budget that you can afford to set aside, go for the online marketing method that you think would get you the maximum results.

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