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Online Reputation Management Tips That Brands Must Not Ignore
admin 23 Aug 2016

SERM services

Many marketing execs completely fail to gauge how abysmal online reputation management mistakes can ruin not only a company’s sales but also its brand identity. For this purpose, this post is written to let businesses know a thing or two about the way a search engine reputation management tactics can boost their sales and improve their brand image.


Key online reputation management tactics


Here is a range of reputation management steps that every business must take to enjoy flawless online goodwill.


Own the Search Engine Results Page (SERP)


Never settle for a couple of links on the top of a search engine result page. A business must dominate the SERPs; and for that, the business must leave no stone unturned to control its brand strategy in the best possible ways from the top to the bottom.


Be social because it pays a lot


A business must be present on social media platforms and must make a splash in every possible way. For a business, it is better to be active on a few of the most prominent social media platforms—Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, SlideShare, YouTube, Pinterest, and Twitter. And by having an account on these social media platforms will never augur results; rather, the business will have to update its profiles by posting interesting content (audio, video, or text) so that more and more netizens (prospects/existing customers) remain engaged. By being social, the business will even get more favorable spots within the SERPs. However, the business’s social media marketing team has to ensure that all the social media profiles are linked together.


Blogging helps always


Blogging is one of the finest ways to let a brand carve its niche on the wide web. On the company’s site, it is better to have a blog section that is updated regularly. Also, the business will have to ensure that each of the blog’s content shares professional, positive info with the readers; additionally, the content must not be entirely promotional—rather, it must address an issue and must provide a solution that the company can offer. By blogging in such a way, any business can pump out really sharable content every day.


Think outside the box


Opportunities populate the Internet; for instance, a business can always encourage its customers as to how they will use its products through a YouTube vid. One tip is to be highly active on YouTube and other video channels because they tend to rank pretty well on leading search engines, such as Google.


Putting a great PR strategy in place


Relying on a simple company news section on its business site will never deliver the imagined results. Every business has to rely on Public Relation (PR) strategies; even if a business does not have news that is worth sharing, the PR people may create ways to let a business get the required attention of customers, prospects, sponsors not only to stay afloat but also to lead the market.


So here are the tips that have to be kept in mind by businesses to maintain their reputation on the Internet. If a business does not have an in-house digital marketing department, then it will be better to hire a digital marketing company that has experience in offering SERM services. Such digital marketer will have the experience and the expertise in developing and managing campaigns related to public relations, social media, and the like.

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