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online reputation management
Online Reputation Management: Improving image contradiction online
admin 08 Aug 2013

In today’s online world, a negative feedback or review can cost a business around 30 potential customers. A real or cooked negative remark not only causes harm to the reputation of established businesses by hitting them below the belt but also compels online users to think positive about other competitors serving in the competitive industry. Going against the fast flowing wind is not easy; hence, taking online reputation management (ORM) service can turn things into the favor of business organizations that face the music in their relevant industry.

Turning downsides of business value is the first and foremost priority of the business enterprises that face negativity about their goodwill, image, products or services. To be in the good books of all, they spend millions of money and take experts’ opinion to sail their ship smoothly and confidently. ORM is a panacea for fighting against real, fake or doctored criticism because it not only creates positivity but also clears negativity in the competitive market. It is perfectly suitable to improve all image contradictions, to control reputation online, to manage online reputation on popular search engines and social media sites and to U-turn negative listings.

With online reputation management services of an SEO outsourcing company, business of all sizes and types can regain their lost position in the market. To do so, an SEO company uses various online marketing activities to:

  • Cope with identity crisis by brushing off all cynical published content
  • Control ORM activities on popular search engines and social media sites
  • Publish original, positive web content
  • Post positive content on relevant websites
  • Respond online criticism in a positive manner
  • Attract online readers and suppress negative remarks in no time
  • Handle negative feedback patiently
  • Push negative links further down the searches
  • Circulate positive press releases
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