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There are many reasons why a person or an organization is being maligned on the search engines, espe...
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AUTHOR : admin POSTED : Feb 19 2010

There are many reasons why a person or an organization is being maligned on the search engines, especially the major ones like Google, Yahoo, and MSN. What is really important is that the first few and the most visible pages of the Google are creating an image that is sending out bad vibes about your organization, your brand as well as your name. The sources for this malicious propaganda might be different-it could be a blog on one of the famous sites, an article or any other source, one thing is for sure that now you are in the docks and there is an urgent need to do some serious thinking as well as take a bold and a concrete action. But are you sure that you can handle this tricky situation on your own. Do you think that there are enough resources at your beck and call that can be deployed at one go and deliver the immediate results? Results like an overnight change in the image, a sudden splurge of good posts on the front line pages of Google. Well if you think so, then you are in for a great shock. My answer to that is a big No.

Search Engine Reputation Management (SERM) is a domain that is relatively new in the world of online marketing. The endeavor could be any like brand building, creating a good company profile, as well as many other factors. The thing is that SERM can do things online that you had never imagined in your life. It is really a dream come true for people and companies that are under attack from negative feed backs, complaints as well as any other kind of malicious attacks. In case you are one of those people who are being refused to be touched by a barge pole then the best thing is to hire a company that can just turn around that image in just no time.

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