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Mobile App Push Notification To Add More Value To Businesses
admin 21 Aug 2015

The preachers of internet have re-conceptualized the usage of server. Now from a passive facilitator of information to client/customers if demanded by them, it is envisioned to become an active-agent of information supplier to clients through messaging or notifications. The App developers are reaping rich dividends from these push notifications.


Push notification feature has become integral to any type of app development (whether it’s for Android, or Apple). In the age of mobile computing, this app development feature has gained prominence as it helps customers to stay abreast of a business’s latest deals and happenings. Here are three most important reasons that have motivated many businesses to include push notifications in their apps.


The notifications give businesses an opportunity to market directly to their clients


If your customers have downloaded your app, they can select the options of receiving push notification. After having selected push notification for an app, a customer will be updated about a business—for example, the newest deals the business offers or the new additions in a business’s offering. Plus, one primary benefit of getting push notifications is that they’re received (as social media and text messages) even when a smartphone screen is locked and the application (that’s pushing the notification) is offline.


They’re necessary to increase the rate of retention

Push notifications are soon becoming the most effective way for any business to interact with its end users. And this fact has been corroborated by a study—undertaken by Kahuna Inc.—that signifies the customer retention rate (for a period of 90 days) to be increased by a whopping 180 percent.


Push notifications have excellent reading rate


A study showed that email marketing has an abysmal reading rate (of 14 percent). Whereas, when we compare that with the reading rate of push notifications—it’s nearly 58 percent. Now, because of this reason, many app developers and businesses emphasize the need to have the feature incorporated.


Thus, keeping all these reasons in mind, many app developers have made push notifications a common part of any type of mobile app development services suite—whether it’s related to or Android app development iOS app development. So, the feature should be considered by every business if it’s planning to design its first app (or is planning a makeover of its old app).

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