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Mobile App Development Trends That Are All Set To Keep Developers Busy in 2016
admin 17 Nov 2015

The world of mobile is teeming with innovations. Whether we talk of exceptional gadgetries (Android Wear, Apple Watch, Google Glass, and other wearable devices) or cutting-edge technologies (Internet of Things and Cloud computing), the technological trends are growing at a good clip.

These trends are here to redefine the entire realms of technology, and the most pronounced impact will be on mobile apps. If we discuss the mobile app development sector alone, the field is characterized by high-end transformations.

So let’s read up on the most prominent transformations that are changing the mobile app development landscape for the better. One more point to remember: Only those trends are listed whose effects will be felt in future (that is., in 2016 and in the coming years).

Swift programming language—a rising star

Apple is the creator of Swift, a programming language, that’s got considerable attention from app developers from every part of the world. Swift is designed not only to be an app development framework but also to serve as a system language.

Since its beginning, this language was designed to empower app developers to write reliable codes. Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, said, “Swift became available in September as part of the Xcode tools and in the first month those tools were downloaded over 11 million times.”

By integrating with Xcode, the language is all set to supplant Objective C and will soon become a major attraction for app developers who’re developing for:

  • iOS
  • OS X
  • tvOS
  • watchOS

Enterprise app is the new black of the app development world

Mobile device ownership is on the rise; and with it, the number of mobile apps developed is also spiraling up. Among the number of apps developed, enterprise applications are the most common ones (and the most profitable ones, too). Nearly 43 percent of developers (from either an Apple or Android Development Company) make close to USD 10K every month by developing enterprise apps.

Cross platform tools are surging relentlessly

Every enterprise, by and large, can’t afford to run on a single platform. And that’s because there’ve been a host of innovations and developments in the sector of mobile devices. Plus, the rise of Cloud computing has ensured that app development doesn’t get restricted to a single platform only. And because of that, many developers have to rely on a range of cross-platform tools, including Appcelerator, Unity3D, PhoneGap, and Sencha.

So by following these trends, any app development firm can witness its steady rise in the realm of mobile app development.

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