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Microsoft Office 365 – Quintessential for modern business management

With features like hosted services, office applications and updates, the office suite ensures busine...
Published: 25 Sep 2014
Category: Enterprise Applications,  New Technologies
Home Blog Microsoft Office 365 – Quintessential for modern business management

With features like hosted services, office applications and updates, the office suite ensures businesses of all sizes and types increased productivity, enterprise-grade security, reduced overhead costs, instant access to cloud based-services and high security levels and reliability to safeguard your valuable data and information. Known for security, compliance, reliability, and compatibility, Microsoft office 365 allows you to get the work done virtually anytime, anywhere, and on any device. With it, you can manage risk, time and costs.

Office 365 is a combination of service-based Office Online Web Apps that offer versions of Office Word, Excel, Power Point, Email, Instant Messaging, Voicemail, Enterprise Social Networking, Web Portals, Extranets, Voice, Video and Web Conferencing. The new cloud-based service combines mainstay platforms like Office, SharePoint, Lync and Exchange. These platforms are the best options for increasing productivity, moving to the cloud on your terms, eliminating threats and managing communications across multiple devices.

Why businesses prefer Microsoft office 365?

With Office features and real-time co-authoring capabilities, you can connect with the outside world with a reliable support, share works, organize your projects, build eye catching apps and collaborate on shared documents, presentations, spreadsheets, and notebooks conveniently. Mentioned-below are some reasons describing why switching over to Microsoft office 365 propels your business to the next level.

Professional Image

Microsoft Exchange Online gives your email a professional look and allows you to send emails from your own domain name. SharePoint online creates a professional looking web site by integrating intranet, content management and document management with broader capabilities. Lync Online effectively host online meetings, set up with Outlook.

Carry on with your existing knowledge

It is easy to use for the people who know the functionality of Microsoft products. Microsoft Office 365 offers a cloud service with products you already know. With a knowledge of Microsoft Word, you can easily operate SharePoint Online and can check out documents with no other configuration. Interestingly, you can have the advantages of Office 365 without changing products you already use.

Work from any location at your own convenience

With Office 365, you get freedom from sitting before your desktop in your own office. Now, cloud can host data, files and security, accessible through a browser, at any location of your choice. You can access Email through outlook web app, documents through Office Web Apps and use mobile phones to access data and files in the cloud. Now, you have more flexibility and freedom to concentrate on your business with a location of your choice.

Security and safety

Now, get ready to feel free from hosting your own equipment and servers, tension of equipment failures, local ISP connectivity security problems and incorrect updates. With Microsoft data centers, you can host thousands of customer’s data and accurate uptime with a financially backed SLA. With Office 365 Exchange Online, you get freedom from email viruses on every email and file.

By taking valuable Microsoft office 365 development and consulting services from professional and experienced software and web development companies, you can ensure greater productivity generation, access from anywhere, work with what you know with Office 365, robust security and reliability and improved IT control and efficiency.


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