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Metaverse will transform the future of meetings and office space

It’s been a while since we all have been living in the digital era with a high pace of transformat...
Published: 19 Aug 2022
Category: Metaverse
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It’s been a while since we all have been living in the digital era with a high pace of transformation. Technology, innovation and digitalization have definitely changed the outlook of the world. Recently, the term virtual reality is gaining a lot of ears. Virtual reality is not just limited to gaming and entertainment, it has a much broader scope. Other than virtual learning, virtual real estate, Bill Gates in the year 2021 predicted that within a few years, work meetings will be held in the metaverse. During the pandemic, we all adapted to the virtual work life and it became the new normal. Similarly, working in the metaverse will very soon be the new normal.

Some of the big companies as well as the start-ups have already built their virtual offices in the metaverse space. Whereas Alphabet Inc., Microsoft Corp. and Amazon are putting in a lot of effort and funds in the metaverse. The metaverse is the most important economic revolution and none should miss out on it. Smart corporates are jumping in to enjoy the early benefits and secure a certain position beforehand.

Perks of metaverse office space

It is needed to transition with the world in order to survive in such a competitive market of today’s era. The world is taking a huge step forward in regard to digitalization and technology. With the mass adaption of remote working, virtual office is the future. Although, there are various limitations and drawbacks in working remotely with platforms like Teams, Zoom, Google Meet, etc., the metaverse is one core solution to all the remote working problems. Metaverse is not just a trend, it is the reality that is transforming the traditional ways of gaming, working and even living. From an organizational point of view, there are various perks of having a metaverse working space or metaverse meeting space for your employees, stakeholders and board of members.


  • Higher Traction
  • Cost-effective
  • Less commuting
  • Real-life experience
  • Higher work efficiency
  • Better goodwill
  • Infinite workspace
  • Limitless designing
  • Lesser office supplies
  • 3D world business

Organize your first metaverse meeting

If you want to get started with your first office meeting in metaverse, you basically have 3 options.

Option 1: Create your own virtual reality world

You can build your own VR world and build an office space in it for your meetings and other activities. You will need to develop your virtual world on a decentralized server for your employees and co-workers to access it remotely. With the help of new technology and tools, it is possible to design and build a fully customized working space that too for free. But hosting your virtual world on a server can be really expensive. Yet, companies have managed to do it successfully.

Option 2: Pre-built VR office space

This option is quite easy yet effective. You can enter the existing metaverse and use the already available workspaces for your meetings. In simple words, it is basically like renting a space for your office work. Your top options for pre-built virtual office can be Microsoft’s Teams/Mesh integration and Meta’s Horizon Workrooms. These platforms involve a costing. This can lessen the cost of creating your own metaverse and virtual office.

Option 3: Build your office in the existing metaverse

This is the perfect option if you want to own an office of your own in the metaverse. You can design your office as per your need and preference. It is like owning a virtual property, which is on the other hand very beneficial as virtual real estate is in so much hype. For this, you can use already existing metaverses like Sandbox, Roblox, Decentraland etc. These are the virtual world which can be accessed from anywhere, anytime.

What would a metaverse meeting feel like?

Metaverse meetings will feel like as if you are attending a meeting in real, but virtually. Simply put, you will log into your avatar and walk to the meeting room where you will see your team member sitting. You can interact with the similarly as you interact in the real life. You can experience everything including body language, voice and expressions. All this would be possible with the help of a VR set.

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