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Metaverse is redefining the future of travel and transforming the industry

We must have heard about the announcement of Facebook rebranding to “Meta.” So what is a...
Published: 12 Aug 2022
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Home Blog Metaverse is redefining the future of travel and transforming the industry

We must have heard about the announcement of Facebook rebranding to “Meta.” So what is a Metaverse? Is it more than simply a hot topic, or will it influence social media marketing in the future?

Now consider being distant from your parents or other loved ones and you strongly desire to meet them. With the help of the Metaverse, it is now feasible to engage with them and feel as though you are there virtually. The Metaverse is often defined as a graphically rich virtual environment where people can work, play, shop, interact and generally do activities together that people enjoy doing together in real life. Proponents of the Metaverse frequently highlight the idea of “presence” as a critical characteristic; the sensation of being somewhere and having other people physically present with you.

You all must be wondering if this is a new concept. No, it isn’t. The concept of Metaverse was first described in the 1992 novel Snow Crash. Metaverse is not limited to meeting and having virtual talks with close ones. Fully realistic virtual travel is now possible, thanks to cutting-edge technologies like augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and edge computing. And the Metaverse, where the virtual and real worlds collide, might be the next travel frontier. Thanks to AR and VR, people may explore and engage with the places and resorts they’ve always wanted to visit in the Metaverse. Even the sky is no longer limited, thanks to 5 G’s power.

Individualized and interactive tours

Virtual tourism in the Metaverse entails the possibility of a considerable improvement in accessibility to virtually visit any destination, individualized guest experiences, and improved entertainment. For example, museums may provide individualized, interactive tours; city exploration could be made more fun and engaging like Pokemon Go, and restaurants might be able to invite customers to taste international cuisine.


We’ve enjoyed watching futuristic movies like Avatar, TRON, etc. The technology in these films seemed a way in our distant future. Our relationship with travel will be dramatically altered by the ability to immediately teleport anywhere on the earth at any time, seeing everything firsthand and in real-time. Imagine never again needing to worry about missing the tour bus due to a meeting across town or waiting for a connecting flight.

Individuals who would otherwise never get to see particular places or meet certain people will be able to have a more genuine travel experience thanks to Metaverse. Users will be able to communicate with one another through avatars so that they can personalize whatever they choose. Eventually, this might make real-world experiences and virtual ones alike equally memorable and important.

People with mobility issues and financial constraints can travel in metaverse

We won’t be surprised to see a virtual reality headset bundled into many traveling packages. Well, there are a lot of benefits of traveling into this new world of Metaverse. For example, seeing a place and its beauty virtually creates excitement to visit that place in real; people who are less inclined to go into their comfort zones can enjoy the world from their comfort zone.

There are many reasons why people might choose to travel in the Metaverse rather than in the real world. For example, for those with mobility issues, financial constraints, or during a global pandemic, most virtual reality and tourism professionals agree that it won’t soon displace conventional travel.

Well, Metaverse too comes with various limitations and disadvantages. If we view it from a different perspective when our life gets limited to a room, a personal space with a Virtual Reality headset, won’t it affect our way of socializing? People will travel the world being physically in a room or private area. The physical connection with people will slow down. Sharing our personal data with every user will be a risk. VR hangovers, post-VR sadness and cyber addictions will be the new health concerns for everyone.

We should remember Frank Kaufmann’s famous quote, “Technology improves the lives of people who can avoid being dominated by it and forced into deliberating addictions to it.

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