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Leverage customer experience to boost eCommerce ROI

eCommerce brands have to reimagine the way they strategize, invest, and interact with customers. The...
Published: 15 May 2017
Category: Advanced Web Development
Home Blog Leverage customer experience to boost eCommerce ROI

eCommerce brands have to reimagine the way they strategize, invest, and interact with customers. Then there is customer experience (CX) that a brand should focus on improving the way customers are interacting with its online-shopping landscape.

By focusing on CX, many eCommerce brands have already accelerated their returns on investment and revolutionized the way they work. Further, there is a sizeable amount of research work done to highlight the importance of CX in the world of eCommerce. Let us read and analyze some of these hard-hitting figures that justify the importance of CX in eCommerce.

Rich CX Builds an eCommerce Portal That Generates Revenue

A report released by Gartner, Inc. shared the data stating that at least 42 percent of CEOs believe that once they improved the CX, their business’s sales drove to newer heights. That is not all as 80 percent B2B consumers believe that CX was the biggest influencer that helped buyers make informed decisions.

As per Walker Insights, the year 2020 will witness CX overtaking product and price as the significant brand differentiators. More than 89 percent of organizations now compete on CX, so it has become more important than ever for eCommerce brands to stand out. So here is the post that will give the tips that empower a brand to outperform its competitors.

The Rulebook for Improving eCommerce CX

Storytelling Improves eCommerce Experience

If a brand wants to make it big in the world of eCommerce, then it has to have a web presence that is both mobile-friendly and story-centric. Leverage a compelling copy and strong visuals along with a responsive web design to create an online-shopping portal. You can find this tip implemented in the works of every leading eCommerce solutions company. By following this tip, many brands are able to improve their conversion rate by nearly 50 percent.

Discovering Excellence in eCommerce Through Enriching CX

Many online-shopping stores emphasize the value of discovery-based CX. With detailed product descriptions and strong visuals, the brand surely makes it simple for visitors to explore the entire range of products and make an informed buying decision. Many businesses having aesthetically pleasing products, such as a fashion boutique or a food store, should design and deploy discovery-based CX without ado.

Streamlining the Journey of Becoming a Customer from a Visitor

This is one of the most relevant and important rules of designing beautiful CX. Sometimes the journey of a visitor on an online-shopping portal may be frustratingly confusing. In that case, visitors of a shopping site should have a simplified journey to buying a product. Because the simpler a journey, the faster it takes to make a buying decision.

These rules or tips can help online-shopping businesses to transform the way they work and interact with their visitors. If a business is totally unsure on how should it implement these eCommerce web development hacks, then it should hire a reliable player offering eCommerce solutions to build a power-packed web presence that drives ROI to the next level.


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