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Keywords to Separate a Glorified Customer from a Number
admin 22 Dec 2009

The whole game of internet marketing is about the selection of keywords that an SEO should use in order to get the maximum traffic to his website. It has really become a maddening race to get hold of the right combination of words and phrases that can bring the largest possible number of people to their website. It does not matter whether it is the organic search that you are targeting for or the Google Ad words campaign that you are aiming at. The whole game in internet marketing is that of getting to know the psyche of the people who would be going to and fro among the various search engines in order to reach their desired destination.

Keeping in mind the aforementioned line of thought, in my opinion there are certain factors that every internet marketer should keep in mind. These factors are:

1) The primary keyword should not be the only keyword that should be targeted
2) The ordinary man is not at all aware of the technicalities that the search engines use
3) The common man in many cases might not even be knowing how to go about searching for the product or services that he needs
4) On many occasions he might be using some vague or sometimes even meaningless keywords.
5) Laying greater emphasis on the long tailed keywords can rope in traffic that could be valuable and have a better conversion rate

One thing that in my opinion really stands out is that rather than imagining or visualizing the keywords that the user might be typing while searching the net it would be wiser to actually get to know the words and phrases that the visitor actually types. Every seeker on the net has a unique bent of mind and taste. But for an internet marketer he is a mere statistic-a number. This is precisely what differentiates a successful internet marketer from the one who is on the margin. A successful digital marketing company would see the target audience as a human being with a mind and a heart and then go on to glorify him as a number.

So the choice is yours, either you go for a number or a glorified individual.

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