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Keyword Richness or Richness in keywords?

A high school student was very much restless about what he would do once his final exams would be ov...
Published: 23 Dec 2009
Category: Digital Marketing & SEO
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A high school student was very much restless about what he would do once his final exams would be over. Well, life is beautiful and there are so many things to be seen and so many places to be visited. But that is not what he really wanted to do in this once in a lifetime opportunity. He wanted to know himself before setting out in the world to know or rather explore the other places no matter how much enticing they may be. An idea germinated. He was a voracious reader and zealously wanted to read all of the best books, literature or anything that had played a major role in the evolution of human beings. But he did not want to stop at that. He wanted to share what he had read with the rest of the world or at least with the people around him, all the good things that he had read and the secrets that those books had revealed to him. But the big question was how to do it? How to get the people of his age group as well as older than him interested in the mysteries of the existence.

But, first things should come first. He collected the books that he wanted and was sure would reveal the secrets of existence with him. He spent hours; days and weeks engrossed in them and then finally the moment came when he found himself transformed into an enlightened man. All he wanted to know, the answers he was seeking, and the divine secrets that he had wanted to be showered on him had happened. But then that is where it all stopped. That is where he stopped. No more was there the desire to further spread the revelations. No more was there the desire to be a messiah for the people of his own age and even older than him. Why?

Why he stopped midway? Why the urge to spread the word about the enigma that had thrown open its doors to him had subsided.

Well because that is precisely what had to happen. That is precisely what the unknown has in store for us. And that is precisely what is bound to happen to everybody no matter what he is seeking and no matter where he is from and no matter who he wants to teach. The same principle is applicable on the enigmatic but alluring, driven by logic but en-tropically swelling, trying to be inclusive yet excluding the essentials, world of internet.

The story that I have narrated above is the story of the man on the street. It is the story of the man in the highest strata of society, it’s the story of the man who is struggling and is somewhere in between. All of them are searching, but not all of them know what they would get. Even if they get that they still won’t now what they would do with it. That is how I define searches that are done in the world of the internet, particularly through search engines. People begin from somewhere and end up somewhere else. The search is made all the more difficult when the keywords that are used and the websites that appear do not match. The faster we learn this eternal truth the better it would be for all of us. All of us, who are charging or rather, getting seduced, into the world of internet. If a man does not know where he would land up in the search engines, then it is imperative that the SEO Services providing company do the job for him. The analogy has now become clearer. The existence will reveal what it wants you to see, and the keywords typed in the search engines would take the visitor to only that place which they are meant to show and what needs to be shown. This is where the power of keywords lay. Magnetism is the word that I would like to use. So it’s a choice between keyword richness and richness in keywords. And that would make all the difference.


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