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Keeping Business Resilient During COVID-19 Pandemic And Beyond

The new reality taking shape post COVID-19 is full of uncertainties and opportunities in software de...
Published: 24 Jul 2020
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Home Blog Keeping Business Resilient During COVID-19 Pandemic And Beyond

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The new reality taking shape post COVID-19 is full of uncertainties and opportunities in software development, marketing and online sales. Businesses are responding differently to COVID-19 crisis with tailored product development. To thrive in these hard times, the organizations must align their processes to be agile and resilient. The pandemic has brought into sharp focus the need to continuously plan for future risks and scenarios.

Many businesses are running by the day and digitizing by night. For supporting online sales, businesses need to plug AI, BI and chatbot technology into their product development for faster onboarding of customers and delivering a seamless experience across various sales channels.

Adapting to cohesive software development

The software development companies need to reimagine how they approach software development and software engineering during the crisis to keep it safe and secure through remote development, including working from home. They need to adapt a cohesive business and software development strategy to build the product with changing consumer needs in mind.

Consumers too are facing new personal situations with changes in income, work and leisure time. Their preferences and shopping behaviors have never shifted so quickly. The crisis-of-the-century has given huge rise to the digital commerce and the contactless product delivery is likely to continue long after the pandemic is gone.

Collaborating virtually

Consumer behaviors continue to be driven by their new personal circumstances, and stay-at-home mandates. With more time spent at home, consumers are engaging in renewed activities, such as conduction board meetings online through video conferencing, taking online classes and connecting with others virtually, such as through online bars. Virtual collaboration is being stepped up to flatten the impact curve of the pandemic and reshape businesses through collaboration technologies.

The unprecedented public health emergency is rapidly transforming the way we work, behave and lead our lives.

Shifting to new development environment

Software development companies need to shift to new working conditions rapidly. Accurate insights and innovations can help play a significant role in recovering from COVID-19 impact which largely depends on the sub-sectors they serve and support. The pandemic has shaken economies around the world to the core, and SMBs have felt the impact more compared to enterprises, so offering platform-independent services can help in boosting operations and stay resilient. They need to work smart and implement staff capacity augmentation measures to fulfill their delivery gaps.

Virtual platforms and service delivery models can help small and medium businesses keep operation during the lockdown and physical shut downs. To survive through the current crisis, the businesses must augment their digital capabilities and take measures to safeguard against future disruptions.

Agile operating structure

Major shifts in customer needs require retailers to adopt creative solutions to increase sales and product stickiness. They need to quickly adapt to changing customer behaviors and establish a more agile operating structure to stay competitive. They need to repurpose their supply chain capabilities and proactively manage digital network fluctuations to be resilient.

COVID-19 has accelerated shift to digital with more people working from home and spending more time online. The increased load on digital resources is inhibiting the ability of many organizations to deliver quality service with reliability.

When it comes to restart and plug into the economy post COVID-19, retailers and enterprises need to implement visible safety measures to win the confidence of consumers. They need to improve their shopping efficiency, both online and offline.

Keeping the overheads low

Software development companies have embraced distance coding and doing software development as effectively as they are in shared offices. Office space is expensive, and needing the less of it offers a great way to keep the overheads low. The developer community is adapting to the agile development framework that allows responding rapidly to the changing market demands. Software delivery and personalized outreach is needed to retain and attract more customers during the pandemic crisis.

High tech leaders need to develop new capabilities to change how they work in the short and long run. Networks that support workers and customers must be assured to ensure business continuity.

Flexible support for custom software development

Flexsin Technologies, being the leading software development company can help you reboot to the economy in the current COVID-19 crisis with its innovative software solutions delivery. We can help in infusing creative and innovative methods to customer engagement with custom software development to meet the specific needs of your business. We can help identify where AI could be used to improve service and provide flexible support to rekindle your growth potential.


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