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Are web apps better than native apps?

Whether a business’s next app will be a web app or a native one completely depends on its brand pr...
Home Blog Are web apps better than native apps?
AUTHOR : admin POSTED : Dec 08 2015

Whether a business’s next app will be a web app or a native one completely depends on its brand promotion, customer engagement, and budgetary strategies. Here are simple definitions of both the apps genres—a mobile app is the one that runs on the web browser; whereas, a native one can be downloaded from an app store or an app marketplace.

Now, the question is to know which mobile apps are better for a business. And for that purpose, a business will have to analyze several apps-related determinants; in this post, those determinants are covered.

User Interface:

The User Interface, also known as UI, of a native app is somewhat similar to what a user will find in its web version. If the business wants its app to target users alone, it should go with native apps. (That is because a native app can be tailored to give enriched user experience; this, however, is tedious feat for a web app.)


Native apps easily comply with the device’s hardware and native features—camera, accelerometer, etc. On the other hand, web apps can have access to a device’s limited features. However, in terms of accessibility, a user will have to download native apps’ updates consistently—this can be annoying sometimes. For this reason, many enterprises rely on web application development.


App monetization with native ones is, sometimes, tricky as some device manufacturers may impose integrating services and restrictions with a few mobile ad platforms and networks. On the contrary, web apps simplify monetization of apps. However, a business’s commission and revenue are taken care of by app stores and marketplaces in case of native apps. While, in case of web apps, a personal payment system has to be in place.

By keeping in mind these three determining factors, every business will be able to make correct app development decisions.


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