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IoT Innovates Intelligent Applications To Create A Connected Universe

IoT is reimagining the way people and products connect with technological transformations. Now, ever...
Published: 31 Jul 2017
Category: Internet of Things (IoT),  Mobile App Development
Home Blog IoT Innovates Intelligent Applications To Create A Connected Universe

IoT is reimagining the way people and products connect with technological transformations. Now, every leading tech company creates and recreates applications to unlock the full value offered by the automation capabilities of Internet of Things. These innovations enable developers to build everything, ranging from smart offices to connected automobiles.

There are certain IoT–empowered products that have gained powerful momentum in the past few years. These interlinked products comprise smart refrigerators, connected thermostats, and controlled door locks. This shift has motivated businesses to invest in this digitally connected ecosystem. However, before making the final investment decision, businesses should take note of these insights for unlocking the full potential of IoT and realizing tangible benefits.

Prototyping Location-Powered IoT Apps

IoT applications use immersive technology to create, combine, and manage a variety of data streams in real time. Such creation, management, and combination let a manufacturer analyze the effects on a machine, and then program it to automatically and intelligently react to a number of pre-conceived circumstances. Afterward, a two-way communication channel is set between the device and its sensors; this channel leverages a number of filters, rules, and business logic of the back office to achieve appropriate, quick, efficient response time.

One powerful, rising example of this is the iBeacon technology. Many corporate names have invested in developing rich iBeacon applications that can communicate with a beacon located nearby. The mobile having the iBeacon application will use Bluetooth Low Energy technology for picking a beacon’s ID along with its distance from the smartphone. A number of retail spaces, airports, public transports, and sport venues have used the IoT-enabled iBeacon mobile app development technology to improve the buying process and streamline decision-making.

The Rise Of The IoT Marketplace

The development of a number of vertical IoT applications has led to the creation of a robust marketplace that is all set to adopt this new concept with full enthusiasm. This marketplace can be thought of as a huge gateway that offers enterprises the prime choice of connecting and interacting with scores of vendors without shifting from the existing platforms or investing in a new, expensive framework.

This low-cost, effortless shift can be revolutionary for a number of businesses that look forward to automating and modernizing their legacy processes and devices. With the rise of this marketplace, industrial businesses can find themselves unleashing the power of a range of data hubs, industrial drivers, data visualization, and data mapping processes without making any sizeable investments.

IoT With Big Data Makes The Biggest Impact

A concept that will grab many companies’ attention today is IoT analytics. Thanks to the development and deployment of a number of IoT cloud platforms, IoT devices find it simple and seamless to become a data warehouse that can generate relevant insights for improving and quickening decision-making.

The data from IoT-connected machines can be fed to a number of specific data algorithms that can assist a business in preparing more measurable strategies for targeting its consumers more accurately and powerfully. Also, in this way, a number of small and mid-sized businesses can make the best use of analytics to push revenues and generate more qualified leads in the future.

Improving Security Measures

Many businesses are yet to adopt IoT because they believe that this is still an emerging concept, which lacks in security and credibility. However, it is interesting to note that the IoT community is focusing on security and driving its vulnerability quotient to an all-time low so that more and more devices become intelligent by being part of this ever-evolving network. This is the best time for security start-ups that are taking IoT seriously; these companies can invest their expertise in IoT to take its adoption rate to the next new level.

Blockchain is one such IoT solution that works along the same lines; this solution is engineered and evolved to make transactions between devices safer, faster, and simpler. Today, businesses find a number of applications that have emerged for improving privacy and security in all types of non-financial and financial interactions. The focus, now, remains the protection of data integrity at all levels of transmissions.

Accelerating Machine-Learning Capabilities

With the advent of IoT, machine learning will be taken to a whole new level of digitization. And this learning will only get accelerated with the evolution of this newer blend of technology. The new advances in IoT will boost a machine’s capacity to connect with a number of different devices at one time.

Also, the cognitive development of IoT will help devices share and digest a large chunk of complex data all at once. In a way, this development will lead devices to create their own special patterns and context for pre-determining inputs to become proactive and make accurate decisions.

As a number of companies and organizations are leveraging IoT in their own unique way, 2017 and the coming years can truly be a turning point for this new technology. With these trends, it is simple to note why this technology is introducing the corporate world to newer benefits of networking and of staying connected.


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