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IoT Connecting Automotive To A New World Of Innovative Edge

IoT is driving automotive beyond the threshold of inventions. This all-new automotive DNA is moving ...
Published: 10 Apr 2019
Category: Internet of Things (IoT)
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Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT is driving automotive beyond the threshold of inventions. This all-new automotive DNA is moving the industry from petroleum, internal combustion engines, and mechanical linkages toward hydrogen, electricity, fuel cells, batteries, and electronic controls.

Specifically, the use of electronic-based systems is creating a massive flow of design opportunities. The presence of electronic systems inside automobiles has led to fleshing out the concept of connected vehicles. And that concept is not even new; automakers began connecting vehicles with rich information streams back in the day when the internet was still new. That way, this particular industry has an excellent track record of deploying connected technology into vehicles.

It is just the beginning, though. Automotive is revolutionizing itself by the sheer power of IoT. But before understanding how IoT will change automotive for the better, it is better to take a look at the recent market trends.

What The Market Trends Say?

More automakers are beginning to integrate IoT technology within their automobile designs. This design is beginning to change the way the entire industry is transforming. As per a study by Business Insider, close to 82 percent of vehicles out of 94 million are connected with an IoT-enabled device in one way or the other.

The same media outlet noted that over 21 million vehicles were already connected to IoT by 2016. As per Gartner, over 250 million connected vehicles will come on road by the end of 2020. According to another set of facts and figures, the entire worth of the automotive industry will be close to 7.1 trillion dollars by 2020.

Overall, these trends paint a rosy picture for IoT-backed automotive industry. So, let us more forward toward discovering the ways how IoT is completely transforming the automotive business.

The Automotive World Gets Reimagined By IoT

Enhancing In-Car Technology

A connected vehicle is almost always installed with an end-to-end telematics platform. Through telematics, a connected vehicle will let its drives stay in touch with the outside world the easy way. Telematics enables the driver of the connected vehicle to access a wide range of utility applications and puts in-car entertainment just a touch away.

Improving Vehicular Access And Security

Now that every single part of a car can get connected to the web, its owners can experience an improved level of connectivity no matter where they are. For instance, once a vehicle connects to the net, the owner can get remote access for controlling your car’s functionality. That means owners can control a vehicle’s ignition, lights, trunks, and windows with the push of a button while they are occupied somewhere else. That way, a vehicle’s security and access is becoming not just convenient but even secure.

Navigating To The Next Level

Getting frustrated of the traffic while going to work? In that case, a connected vehicle can help navigate better so that travelers can reach their destination faster while saving fuel. So if a vehicle is embedded with the right IoT sensors, they will not only track the car but also deliver real-time commuting reports. Which is why, an owner of a connected car can avoid congestion by traveling on a route with less traffic.

With all these benefits that IoT brings to the automotive world, the road ahead is open and full of opportunities. Which is why, it makes sense to shift into high gear. The only question is about finding the right growth partner that can help automakers make the most of the connected world of IoT.

Selecting The Right IoT Growth Partner

When it comes to designing intelligent vehicles and delivering newer and more powerful automotive capabilities, it comes down to finding the right IoT expert. The right IoT application development  company can let automakers create a powerful, end-to-end life cycle view of the entire automotive experience. This way, enterprises can manage assets and build the vehicles that can own the road to the future.


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