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Innovative Marketing Strategies for Cryptococurrency and ICO Promotion

Cryptocurrencies are the digital assets that use advance cryptographic or encryption techniques for ...
Published: 08 Feb 2018
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ICO Promotion

Cryptocurrencies are the digital assets that use advance cryptographic or encryption techniques for security. They are primarily used to sell goods and services. One more category of crypto currencies allows for the creation of “smart contract’ which is an agreement that enforces itself via code, not courts.

There are currently 10 million people who hold the crypto king Bitcoin, with around half of them keeping the digital currency purely for investment and trade purposes. Much of the popularity and security advantages for these currencies are derived from groundbreaking technological innovation – blockchain. The technology utilizes consensus algorithm and the transactions are recorded in multiple nodes instead of one server. For a transaction to be valid, all nodes need to be in agreement.

Time to get sophisticated on marketing

Although Bitcoin comprise the majority of crypto currency market share, it is not the only fish in the sea, more crypto currencies like Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Dash, Zcash, Monero (also known as altcoins) have seen rapid growth in recent times. In fact, there are more than a thousand crypto currencies in existence right now that offer more accessible opportunities for marketing and SEO. Feeling overwhelmed, maybe you should see the opportunities in marketing. With so many crypto currencies gaining prominence, it’s time to get sophisticated with cryptocurrency marketing.

Positioning is important

Search interest in the cryptocurrencies is enormous and growing, and it is crucial for the digital marketers to position themselves as the cyrptocurrency or blockchain marketing agency. With Bitcoin’s price flying to the moon, a single coin being valued more than the automobile’s of some people, “Bitcoin Price” has become one of the most searched terms alongside Bitcoin. A great deal of these searches is done by the ruffled Bitcoin holders who search the internet to gain insights into what its price might be.

Marketing strategies for ICOs

Initial coin offering or ICO helps the firm raise cash for the development of new blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies. Instead of shares of the traditional stock markets, the investors are offered digital tokens or coins. Being excitingly new, ICOS have the high potential to become increasingly prevalent as more burgeoning startups explore the application and implementation of cryptocurrencies in their ecosystems. Though ICOs are largely confined to the blockchains, it doesn’t mean other business verticals won’t test the waters.

To launch a successful ICO, an enterprise should be able to integrate the digital tokens into its business model. This integration should facilitate value addition to the product or service offering; else the classical IPO route would be better for the business.

Beginner’s guide

A beginner’s guide will help you get leads that would outlast any bubble bursting. These leads will consist of the people looking to invest in crypto currencies. They can be motivated to buy more complete investing guides, and you can sell advertising spots to them in the years to come.

Creating a detailed white paper

An ICO company must create a White Paper that should contain every minor detail, technical and non-technical, commercial and financial that there are to know about its new coin and how it could benefit the prospective participants.

Building a community

It is vital to build a community around a coin and promote it there. If you can’t do it yourself, consider hiring a professional ICO marketing agency that will not only build the community for your ICO but will also get you better funding opportunities from the new business. Social media and group sites offer excellent opportunities to build such communities where you can participate in the discussions to promote the currency.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is so important that an ICO marketing company may ask you to start this even before you create the cryptocurrency. It can be used to update the investors about the latest developments in the arena. This way, you will already be having the community of interested investors even before the launch of ICO. With right strategies, the ICO could be effectively promoted in the community.

Paid banner advertising

Put your banner ad on forums, blogs and publications that cater to the readers interested in crypto currencies. You may ask the admin to quote you on the price and metrics. Crypto news networks are taking advantage of the surge in ICOs, so look for packaged monthly deals and content releases.

Explainer video

If a picture is more than a thousand words, a video is perhaps more than a thousand pictures. Create an explainer video to explain your situation and how it makes sense for investors to invest in your project.

Are you an ICO company, a service provider, crypotocurrency payment processor or an exchange looking to gain more online exposure to your business with right strategies, get in touch to talk more about ICO marketing.


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