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How to lay a strong foundation of a mobile app interface?
admin 27 Jul 2015

A number of points must be kept in mind while conceptualizing an app’s User Interface (UI). These points primarily include clarity of design, quickness in response (that’s provided by an UI element), and consistency of view.

However, some apps, despite having all the above elements, fail to make a mark. And why’s that? While dredging up the answers, we found out several points that were often overlooked by developers during mobile app development and hence the tears. For that reason, we’ve compiled a list of three features that exhibit greatness of an app. Read on.

•  Analyze audiences: An expert versus a novice user

App developers often harbor the fallacy of generalizing users—that is, every user has the same expectations, skills, and intentions while using an application. Novice users will make a few touch errors, but you can’t expect that from an expert user. So, a developer should work hard in making an app efficient enough to meet expectations of both the user groups.

• Mind the button size

An app’s buttons should be convenient to touch. If apps have small- or large-sized buttons, it mars the overall user experience. It’s noted that an ideal button should’ve a width of one centimeter. Further, an app should’ve different-sized buttons as well. (This strategy is particularly beneficial if a large part of your target audiences comprises novice users.)

•  Ensure the UI elements are located judiciously

Ideal apps have their UI elements located at the bottom. However, some developers locate the important elements on the top of an app’s screen. Most smartphone users use thumb as the main finger to swipe the screen. Which is why, placing significant UI elements at the bottom of the app is the best decision.

So, a business should hire only those app designers who know about each and every one of these points.

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