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How to Improve Your Social Media Marketing Performance

Social media campaigns revolutionize the way a business performs internet marketing. A good social m...
Published: 31 May 2016
Category: Digital Marketing & SEO
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Social media optimization

Social media campaigns revolutionize the way a business performs internet marketing. A good social media marketing effort will always aim to convert social media marketing insights into result-oriented actions.

The last couple of years have witnessed many branding and communication experts use different social media platforms for building effective networking and for marketing as well. Pick any football game or any other similar event; they all are supported by multimillion dollar ad campaigns. But at the most granular level, there are tweets, LinkedIn feeds, and Facebook posts that make these events memorable because these things have got the impact (which many a time these big-ticket campaigns fail to have).

For this reason, it is apt to focus on a few tips that will unlock the true potential that is hidden inside a well-crafted social media campaign.

Choose social media platforms providing the highest ROI

First things first, the business leadership must see social media activities as any other business activity. That is, even while performing social media tasks, the leadership must take the Return On Investment (ROI) into account.

By doing so, the leadership will be able to notice the total time that is spent on each activity individually. Say, if a social media platform is providing zero ROI, it’ll be best if you stop investing time doing social media over that particular platform. Whereas, by factoring in ROIs of social media activities, it is certain that you will be able to pick that particular social media platform that is really worth the time and effort.

So it is best if the business is ready to quantify the social media efforts while keeping in mind all the angles and equations. For instance, the business must emphasize on identifying the platform providing the best Customer Lifecycle Value (CLV) having the finest ROI.

Further, the business must look for having a tactical perspective while selecting the right platform. The method for getting the best social media channel depends completely on the analytical and reporting methods that the business deploys. However, some general points that should be remembered for laying hands on the right social media platform include.

  • Comparing conversion rates across the different social media channels
  • Performing a comprehensive comparison of channel costs
  • Picking one individual social media channel having high conversion rates as well as high ROI

Such simple observations can doubtlessly save countless hours that a business otherwise spends on correcting social media marketing efforts.

Get empowered with social media management tools

Many businesses have already started leveraging different social media management tools because they will not only save time but also streamline the workflow. Nowadays, there are countless tools to pick from, so a business’s social media optimization team is literally spoiled for choice.

The most common social media management tools, which can bring a world of difference while executing social media marketing tasks are Buffer, SocialOomph, Hootsuite, IFTTT, TweetDeck, Tweepi, SocialFlow, SproutSocial, SocialBro, Crowdbooster, and the like.

Reuse the posts

If a business has got quality engagement from its previous social media posts, then it is completely all right to reuse them. Many business leaderships are apprehensive when it comes to reusing social posts because they can annoy their target audience/customers/prospects; however, that is simply not the case.

The life of a tweet is not that long; so if you are posting a tweet that you had posted a month or a week ago, it will not make much difference. And even if any other Twitter handle rewets a business’s tweet, that tweet’s life, too, is not that much. In the end, on social media, everything has a way of fading away quickly.

For reusing old posts, the business can leverage a range of tools such as Edgar and Buffer. These tools make it simple to both repurpose and repost a business’s social media posts that it posted in the past. Put simply, with these tools at a business’s disposal, it can:

  • Organize content using a variety of filters
  • Establish its content queue
  • Enable social media repurposing on the go

Improved curating and scheduling of social media content

The best way to save a lot of time on social media is by creating systems that are apt to organize content and repeat doing it for a specified time period. However, the business will have to ensure that its systems are scalable and streamlined so that the leadership and the in-house/hired social media marketing company can remain more productive within a short span of time.

Collecting/Curating content that a business would want to share is a great example. However, if such collection task is done manually, it will consume hours and will become really tedious and boring. For this purpose, it is best if the content is shared using an automated system that is engineered to do all such tasks at the push of a button.

If, however, the business cannot afford to invest in the development of such a system, it must use the Chrome extensions smartly. There are many Chrome extensions that can assist the users in content management. So a couple of clicks and the business is all set to post and to schedule a stream of content on social media.

Further, there is an ad hoc system that can be used for curating and scheduling content. One such ad hoc system can be created by a business by following the steps (which are mentioned below) by the book.

  • Leverage Feedly for gathering content
  • Establish automated integration within Feedly for adding articles to the curated list; and this could be done with a single click alone.
  • Set up IFTTT for ending write-ups to a business—the team can even use Buffer queue for this purpose.

So every business that is looking forward to making the best use of social media platforms must keep in mind these tips or strategies. These strategies are time honored and are successfully implemented by leading corporate houses.


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