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How to Create an Effective Social Media Marketing Strategy

Potential customers are online interacting in social channels seeking information and recommendation...
Published: 23 Feb 2015
Category: Digital Marketing & SEO
Home Blog How to Create an Effective Social Media Marketing Strategy

Potential customers are online interacting in social channels seeking information and recommendations for various products and brands. If your company is not there to answer them, then a competitor may take and convert this lead to throw you out of the competition by taking away your customers. If your rival is listening, why don’t you.

Global brands have already accepted the dominance of social media marketing. That is why they are present everywhere Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube, or Pinterest. Social media renders tons of opportunities to the companies to build a business relationship, for their product or services, with online community; and provides a continuous and positive engagement with potential customers. This relationship further create the carefully laid foundation for future marketing strategies.

Devise a social media marketing strategy keeping customers in mind, always!

A professional and established digital marketing company clearly understands what is takes to build relationships, market products and services, get online leads, and convert audience through social media channels.

Carefully choose the most suitable social platform:

Not every channel is for your business. Develop an in-house campaign to understand the product, promotion and theme for customers. You need to first analyse your requirements and then think of engaging the most suitable social media channels.

Make a 100% company profile page

This could be a less discussed topic, but very critical for the success of your markting strategy. Make sure that element related to a profile page such as cover photos, avatars, bio, contact information and company profile info is up-to-date and complete. Keep it professional and keep a close eye on this.

Carefully design your posting strategy:

Create content that not only promotes your product, but also addresses the customers’ challenges and problems. Ask people questions and publish answers in your company social media pages. Seek out customers who have engaged with your business on social media channels. Don’t forget to acknowledge them. Pay attention to consumer posts on social-media channels to get an idea about the trends, stories and clues on people’s need and liking.

Listen to your audience, carefully:

Social media requires a lot of engagement efforts, people are talking to you, so talk back to them. Stay on the top of updates and engage with your community, focus on building relationships, follow up your customers and invite them to connect with you. Use analytics to see the flow of traffic to your website from social-media platforms.


Social media vastly helps a business to increase its reach, traffic and leads, at the same time it may also damage your brand reputation if you are not using it strategically. Devise a social media marketing strategy that can follow the following pre-requisites:

- Actively respond to all feedbacks, especially the negative ones.
- Do not respond mechanically.
- Try to create the organic likes and followings.
- Create and design the post to maximize the user engagements and response.
- Do regular, creative, and informative posts.
- Do not always talk about your product or services, talk about customers also.
- Make all your social channels a happening place and information portal for users.

When you devise a concrete, responsive and relationship-oriented social media strategy, you not only get the attention of the targeted audience but also get their business too.


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