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How Microsoft AI Is Transforming Business Processes

AI-powered platforms and products leverage on modern AI technologies such as Reactive Machines, Theo...
Published: 03 Sep 2018
Category: Artificial Intelligence (AI),  New Technologies
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AI solutionsAI-powered platforms and products leverage on modern AI technologies such as Reactive Machines, Theory of Mind, Artificial Narrow Intelligence (ANI), Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) and a few more. Be it robotic process automation or IT automation, AI enables businesses to operate faster, leaner and in the most cost-effective manner.

Microsoft AI is focused on amplifying the cognitive limit of machines by adding intelligent applications to the systems. It works out on the front lines of environmental advocacy, healthcare, education and accessibility of solutions for ultimate businesses’ empowerment. Here are some key Microsoft AI products that have been inoculated into our daily office activities:

She is a super intelligent, digital assistant of Microsoft. Cortana is designed to simplify your routine office tasks as well as personal duties. It is featured with reminder setting, voice activation, multi-device syncing, email composition and improved search.

We all have experienced chatting or texting with AI bot more or less in this tech-prone era, but it has always been like – First party has to say something to get a desired response. XiaoIce is bringing a mammoth difference in your experience. It is more like a social chatbot, listening and responding (just like your human friend) at the same time. Today, XiaoIce has 500 ‘friends’ and 16+ channels for Chinese users. Do not confuse XiaoIce with Google’s Duplex, rather call it a ‘Full Duplex.’ It is available for your use through WeChat and other IM services with Voice and Text facilities.

UBER’s Face API:
This is the blazing example of how Microsoft AI is revolutionizing the way we do business. UBER has integrated Face API (a product of Microsoft Cognitive Services) in order to assist their drivers match the account on file. The additional verification process is faster and it is compatible with all smartphones. What is more interesting, this works even in dim light and caters to 1 million partner-partners. This is an absolute ‘sigh of peace’ for UBER’s driver-partners.
Facial recognition has already gained worldwide popularity, but what if we say, things got much better and more advanced now. Yes, Microsoft AI is pushing the boundaries for photographic software. Recently, this feature has been baked into the latest version of Adobe’s Lightroom too. This app not just recognizes one’s face and name, but also does the deep learning such as age detection. Here goes an interesting example – Coca-Cola, using, celebrated its 100th anniversary with its fans. What they did are invited people to submit their photographs with an empty Coca-Cola bottle with the Logo faced front. then detected the age of each, detailing the bottle’s manufacturing date + age along. Microsoft’s Face Detection Machine API’s has recently been made available for developers from all other verticals.

How is it useful for your business?

Microsoft AI has successfully enabled natural and collaborative interactions between machines and people. For the machines to extend its ability to sense, understand and learn is important today. Microsoft AI is infusing materials, computers and systems with the aptitude to communicate, reason, hence perform with humanlike speed and abilities. Computers can now sense and understand client communication in natural language. Sometimes, it also answers complex questions and interrelates with the given environment. Here are the benefits in pointers:

  • Accelerates digital transformation: Whether you are building a personalized customer experience or creating a next-gen breakthrough application, Microsoft AI will help you with the digital transformation.
  • Client engagement: Providing quality and real-time customer solutions is becoming a concern these days. If you are well-equipped to deliver rich and real-time supports to your consumers, you can expect a steady growth and sustainability of your business.
  • Business process transformation: Microsoft AI products or platforms can infuse creative AI abilities into your websites which will further facilitate your processes with solution templates.
  • Streamline your applications: Helps with intuitive consumer experiences with customizable and comprehensive ready-to-consume AI services.

Areas focused by Microsoft AI division:

  • Machine Learning
  • Perception and sensing
  • People, society and AI
  • Systems, tools and platforms
  • Human language technologies
  • Integrative intelligence
  • Human AI Collaboration
  • Robotics and cyberphysical systems
  • Reasoning and planning

In a nutshell, world’s largest and most inventive IT giant is emancipating both organizations and people by standardizing access to intelligence and solve the most tenacious challenges related to any industry.

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