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How M-Commerce Revolutionizes The Online Shopping Industry?

According to comScore, more and more shoppers buy online. Mobile commerce, also referred to as m-com...
Home Blog How M-Commerce Revolutionizes The Online Shopping Industry?
AUTHOR : admin POSTED : Sep 28 2015

According to comScore, more and more shoppers buy online. Mobile commerce, also referred to as m-commerce, is growing as different technologies—Radio Frequency Identification and Near Field Communication—are converging. Plus, the m-commerce sector will grow further as innovation drives today’s digital sector.

Data symbolizing M-commerce power

  • The study was undertaken by comScore also threw light upon some interesting facts that denote the power of the m-commerce sector. One was that by mid-2014, m-commerce grew by 25 percent. (That is almost twice the value of growth figure achieved by e-commerce that year.)
  • As per another bolder prediction, by 2020, the smartphones and tablets will account for nearly 75 percent of online transactions worldwide.
  • One other research work predicted that more than 70 percent mobile users use mobile devices to do online shopping.

With such facts and figures, it is a complete no-brainer that m-commerce is riding high on the crest of a wave of online shopping that is showing no signs to wash ashore.

M-Commerce Revolutionizes Ecommerce Industry

The growth of m-commerce has transpired because it aims to streamline the interaction between technology and its end users. Now, let us read up on the ways by which the sector transforms m-commerce.

- Enhanced user experience

Mobile apps or mobile websites improve the experience of users working on mobile devices (Smartphones, tabs, and PDAs). These apps and mobile sites simplify the functionality and, thus, enrich user experience on small-screen devices. However, the work of mobile app developers has eased a bit with the advent of iPhone 4 as the device has an improved retina display support. (This technology makes the screen element appear bigger and brighter.)

- Improved inventory support

With an m-commerce website or a mobile app, the inventory support is usually less cumbersome. That is unlike the inventory support provided to full-fledged e-commerce sites such as Amazon and eBay. Generally, every leading app and web development company offers reliable CMS solutions to its m-commerce clients for managing not only their inventory but also their orders.

So every business should harbor these points and tie up with a leading name offering mobile application development or mobile site development to create its own mobile website or app.


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