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How good UX accelerates the performance of a website?

An experienced, knowledgeable webmaster will make allowance for a website’s user experience, commo...
Published: 13 Oct 2015
Category: New Technologies
Home Blog How good UX accelerates the performance of a website?

An experienced, knowledgeable webmaster will make allowance for a website’s user experience, commonly known as UX, before designing a new website or revamping an existing one. The emphasis on creating premium UX for websites is because they’re the face of any business on the Internet.

Therefore, the ones having good UX will get the thumbs-up from customers and prospects alike. Now, let’s read up on the key elements that’ll enhance the quality of UX.

What are the different components of UX?

UX, by and large, consists of fonts, images, and navigational features. A quality UX will have high-resolution images, will incorporate easy-to-read fonts, and will boast simple-to-navigate site architecture.

Suppose there’s an e-commerce portal that’s got dull images along with absurd content and a difficult site navigational structure. Would anyone browse the site, let alone share their credit card details? The answer would be a plain, “No.” So what’ll be the features of a website having the best UX?

The features of the best UX


Every business should know the usefulness of its website. Does the website publish information (the basic one, at least) that a customer/prospect might search for? If the answer to the query is “Yes,” you’ve created a website that’s useful and worth launching. For example, if a restaurant website won’t have its menu online, it’s uselessly eating up a portion of the restaurateur’s digital marketing and web designing budget.


An easy-to-navigate website is a key to a business’s success; that is, a website should follow a well-defined navigational structure. For example, if the customers/prospects don’t find a basic Contact Us page, a website is defeating its purpose.


Any website needs to be SEO friendly if it wishes to be found in the vast world of the Internet. If businesspersons think of promoting their respective businesses locally, they should hire an experienced webmaster who can design an SEO–friendly website targeting local customers.


High-resolution images and meaningful content make a business site credible, too. Plus, another way to make a site credible is by adding testimonials and client interviews. So the main goal is to make a site credible as any hint of shoddiness or fakeness can enhance its bounce rate.


If an office’s building is in the slums, business won’t come easily because the building isn’t approachable. Same is the case with a business website, too. If it’s unapproachable—that is, using jarring colors, or uploading unnecessary images, or applying unpleasant fonts—a business can’t expect visitors staying for long.

If a business website lacks all these features, its UX is abysmal. For that reason, it’s beneficial to hire an expert offering unrivaled web development services.


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