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How Does Digital Advertising Transform The Sales Landscape?

Brands, today, use different multimedia frameworks to develop, deploy and improve their digital adve...
Published: 29 Jun 2017
Category: Digital Marketing & SEO
Home Blog How Does Digital Advertising Transform The Sales Landscape?

Brands, today, use different multimedia frameworks to develop, deploy and improve their digital advertising capabilities and engage customers. The shift from traditional advertising to the digital one has revolutionized the way businesses spend their advertising revenues. Businesses now are looking for new ways to get digital edge in today’s competitive advertising market. Here are a few hard-hitting figures suggesting that digital advertising is all set to bring a big e-revolution.

The Facts That Matter The Most

  • Digital ad revenue will go up from $32 billion, which was in 2011, to nearly $60 billion by the end of 2017.
  • As per research, the packaged-goods marketers are now focusing their revenue and energy on digital advertising rather than its traditional counterparts.
  • By the end of this year, mobile advertising will be responsible for 45 percent of the total digital outlays.
  • As per a leading research work, a brand can easily expect to get a return of three dollars on its every single dollar invested in digital advertising in the future.

These facts hammer home the rise of digital advertising and other additional digital marketing services. And that is not all as this upsurge has kick-started the development and deployment of automated processes, agile IT architectures, and integrated IT and business capabilities.

Unleash Digital Advertising To Unlock The Full Potential Of Doing Sales

Let Digital Advertising Enrich The Customer Journey

Digital advertising gives businesses the best opportunity to weave in highly immersive elements into the overall customer-conversion journey. Targeting customers online through different digital platforms such as SEO, PPC and SMO enables a company to understand its customers or prospects better. By doing such in-depth analysis, every company can easily create campaigns that make sure to give powerful messages to its target audience so that it makes qualified buying decisions.

Innovative Digital Ads Improve Non-Digital Marketing

As per Microsoft, a trained digital-advertising company that does everything from rolling out PPC campaigns to optimizing the social media landscape not only improves a camping’s ROI but also drives its non-digital conversions. There are countless research works for comparing a non-digital campaign’s performance after adding digital advertising to it; the findings have shown a substantial increase in conversions for radio (4 percent), TV (70 percent) and cinema (71 percent).

Digital Advertising Kick-Starts Word-Of-Mouth Marketing

One of Nielsen’s research works states that more than 90 percent of the surveyed shoppers trusted the recommendations and reviews of a product that came from their relatives and friends. By having a powerful digital-advertising strategy in place, companies can easily and powerfully leverage the word-of-mouth marketing channel. As per “The Return on a Share: Quantifying the Monetary Value of Social Sharing,” a recommendation can have a powerful effect on a shopper’s buying decision, and this decision can even go beyond other components such as brand and cost.

Creative Digital Ads Drive Interactions

When it comes to any form of advertising, a business should look forward to creating innovative, quirky advertisements – something that holds the interest of the beholder for quite a long time: something that compels to take action of any type. It is none other than an ad’s creativeness that drives a lion’s share of conversions for any business. So businesses should focus on creating the most creative digital advertisements that educate buyers, address their pain points and give them a chance to interact.

As the digital-advertising landscape changes, a company’s sales funnel also reshapes itself. Which is why, it is better for businesses to capitalize on digital-advertising channels to create a buying process that is simpler and more transparent than ever and that enables buyers to make the best buying decisions.


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