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How AWS Machine Learning Advances The Way You Develop Applications

Do you know why AWS ML is growing in popularity dramatically – because it supports customer feedba...
Published: 12 Oct 2018
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Home Blog How AWS Machine Learning Advances The Way You Develop Applications

Amazon Web ServicesDo you know why AWS ML is growing in popularity dramatically – because it supports customer feedback via emails, forum transcripts, phone transcripts and product reviews too! It further helps customers connect with the customer care desk and also recommends product action to the service team. AWS ML is seamless to use since users are able to locate any data within the Amazon Web Services.

Amazon has been exhaustively investing in artificial intelligence for more than 20 years now. Its AWS ML helps drive internal system and it as well serves to the competences of users’ experience – right from the path optimization in the fulfillment centres to Echo powered by Alexa. Moreover, one of the latest products i.e. ‘Prime Air’ is AWS ML’s initiative drone.

AWS Machine Learning: Use and Benefits

ML For Nearly ALL

Whether you are an ML researcher, data scientist or a software developer, this platform provides a set of machine learning tools and services that go to you tailored so as to address your individual needs and standard of expertise.

API-Driven Machine Learning

It’s a privilege given to the developers that they can implant intelligence in their applications with multitude of pre-trained services that further help with speech, vision, chatbot functionality and language analysis.

Large Framework Support

To much of your surprise, AWS platform is different from other choices available – it is compatible with all leading machine learning frameworks, including Caffe2, Apache MXNet, TrensorFlow, hence developers could develop any model of their choice or need.

Breadth Of Compute Options

AWS has an exhaustive range of compute choices from interference with GPU-backed cases and training, memory optimized cases, compute and FPGAs.

Deep Platform Integrations

Machine Learning services are exhaustively integrated with whole of the platform, including database tools and Data Lake required running the ML workloads. The data lake on AWS platform enables developers to access the most comprehensive platform for big data.

Complete Analytics

Choose from the collection of services for data analysis, which further includes business intelligence, data warehousing stream processing, batch processing and data workflow orchestration.


Developers are given the right to control access to varied resources with granular permission policies. Its database and storage features provide solid encryption to ensure that the data are secure. Moreover, here you get flexible key management possibilities, which allow you to determine whether AWS or you’ll manage those encryption keys.


Users are given the right to consumer service as they require and pay only for the period of use. AWS platform pricing is believed to be the friendliest as it has no upfront fees; or any surprising long term contracts. Its Free Tier enables you to get started with the platform services anytime.

Here’s How Your Business Gets Benefited Partnering With AWS ML Service Provider –


Developers are able to work in-reverse from the potential opportunities to understand how machine learning can possibly assist them along; besides, narrow down the challenges involved and also pave a clear path to a successful point.

Custom Modeling

AWS allows you to start working with your own data as you want to develop custom models that will go from sheer an idea into reality.


Amazon Machine Learning Solutions Lab has an aim and it is to teach you to fish by imparting skills and knowledge, education and experience throughout the process.

On-Site With AWS Specialists

Developers are schooled about essentials of machine learning as they go using the platform even though for their particular projects. Optionally, AWS ML service partners do practice customer support service as well, who in turn feel obliged to work with you on-site until your issues or grievances are solved.

AWS ML Cloud Products Include –

  • Amazon Simple Storage Service
  • Amazon Elastic MapReduce
  • Amazon Relational Database Service
  • Amazon CloudFront
  • Amazon SimpleDB, etc.

How Flexsin Helps You Stay Ahead With AWS ML Services And Solutions –

Let’s assume you’re building a classification model, outsourcing our AWS ML services and solutions, you can carefully pick the type of the model, based on your particular use case. Amazon Web Services subsequently auto trains and tests your model’s intricacies, pitched with several parameters so that only the best one is chosen for the final assessment.

While the platform performs its functions, we ensure that our experts will be on their toes to make sure you’re given a perfect tailored solution.


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