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How a business proliferates if it has its own mobile application?
admin 22 Sep 2015

Businesses are embracing mobile application development to fulfill the latest requirements of users (prospects and clients). However, some businesses still underplay the value of having mobile apps. Here are some statistics, which should be read by businesses unwilling to adopt mobile app technology, signifying the importance of mobile applications.

The importance of mobile apps in today’s marketplace

Here is the low-down on why an app is so important for businesses. (The data is presented by comScore.)

  • Now, 80 percent of smartphone users are online.
  • 50 percent of smartphone users only rely on their smart devices to access the Internet.
  • 72 percent of tablet users shop online from their device every week.
  • Last but not least, 80 percent of the time spent by smartphone users has whittled away via browsing apps.

As per the insights are drawn from this data, most young people are online for nearly two hours every day. If anyone steals a glance nearby, they will witness at least one or two people immersed in their smartphone (probably checking emails, reading a WhatsApp message, or going through someone’s post on Facebook or Twitter). Now, that data is enough to symbolize the power of apps in everyday lives of a commoner.

The significance of mobile apps

Now, listed below are a couple of reasons why a company should invest in mobile application development if it has not done yet.

  • Streamlined communication

Every business has to communicate some information—discounts, important business information for (shareholders or stakeholders), etc.—to its user, and what will be the best option to do so by relying on anything other than a smartphone app. With an app, a company can provide any information to its users with only a click.

  • Enhanced brand marketing

Smartphones have brought a world of difference to the world of brand marketing. With apps, a business can choose several options (that are far more economical) than the conventional brand marketing tactics. That is because an app will always enable businesses prospects and clients immediate exposure to its world.

  • Improved user experience

In today’s age of information and technology, users have become impatient and cannot wait for long to gain access to quality information; and nothing better than the app can provide them with access to premium information within a snap of a finger.

Because of these reasons, Android and iPhone apps development companies have gained a strong foothold in every market (related to food and beverages, hospitality, aviation, and the like).

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