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Guaranteed page one rankings with SEO services – A myth or reality!

In the world of Google, ensuring higher ranking in search engine result pages (SERPs) has become a s...
Published: 22 Apr 2014
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Home Blog Guaranteed page one rankings with SEO services – A myth or reality!

In the world of Google, ensuring higher ranking in search engine result pages (SERPs) has become a success mantra for all business enterprises. In the ocean of billions of websites, it is imperative that your website gets more visibility, attract the audience, communicate with the audience and pursue them for making a commercial relationship. That is why a number of SEO services providers are mushrooming everywhere. Every SEO company promises to make websites on the Google search engine page one ranking on the basis of some relevant keywords (2-5) that can drive and grow businesses. Every business owner wants to dominate Google and earn improved ROI in the least amount of time. For web owners, a 1st page ranking can be a myth, if they do not find their website on the top page whereas they can crack the hard nut with reality if the job is get done successfully.

Page one ranking is only for 10-12 searches. So, how can thousands of SEO companies take different websites on the 1st page when the slot is limited for a few searches? ‘Guaranteed page one ranking’ advertisements attract at the first instance but such advertisements can make or break your online visibility. SEO is a double-edged sword that can give your business a good shape if it is used meticulously whereas it can throw a business out of online race if it is controlled by an inexperienced and non-professional SEO company.

Google updates like Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird affect rankings and change ranking scenario from page first to other pages that are not directly visible and from other pages to the first page. Being on the first page is a Herculean task but SEO companies can befool you with overhyped concepts of Google algorithms, SERP, content marketing strategies and reputation management. Although these concepts are vital for sending websites higher all SEO companies can’t send websites from nadir to zenith.

When you go for SEO services in India, you contact highly professional and expert SEO companies that know what takes your website on the 1st page matching all needs, instructions and parameters of Google. They know that Google considers following factors when ranking a site:

- Quality of content,
- Quality of inbound/outbound links,
- Speed of website,
- Clean easily read code, and
- Keyword relevancy.

It is quite clear that no one can guarantee a No. 1 ranking on Google. But efforts can be made, intricacies can be solved, issues can be fixed, and rankings can be improved within months not just days or weeks. Committed and SEO services providers in India regularly update their skills, analyze core business needs, focus on all business and marketing areas, make website search engine friendly, target relevant audiences convert leads, display improved results and take your websites upwards—if Google does not explode a bomb with another unexpected update.

Outsourcers need not to panic and swing between SEO myths and SEO reality. Simply outsource SEO jobs to India and have improved results not false promises.


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