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Google Tweaks New Updates: A Call to Revive Your SEO Strategy

Google once again has jerked the way it identifies websites and ranks them on its search engine. Its...
Published: 03 Nov 2014
Category: New Technologies
Home Blog Google Tweaks New Updates: A Call to Revive Your SEO Strategy

Google once again has jerked the way it identifies websites and ranks them on its search engine. Its latest updates Penguin 3.0 and Google Pirate Update have emerged as the most accurate tool to fight bad links and improve the search results.

Google Penguin 3.0 is supposed to influence 1% of search requests, a substantial fall from 3.1% of queries which was caused by Google’s last Penguin updates in 2012. Penguin is an algorithm, initially rolled out in April 2012, which classifies the evidence of what Google pinpoints as ‘web spam’ and considerably deals with severely with those websites which are found to be guilty of keyword stuffing and manipulating the standards of search engines.

What is new in Penguin 3.0?

  • Sophisticated mechanism to discourage unnatural backlinks,
  • More focused on ‘White-Hat’ SEO practices,
  • Promoting high-quality contents,
  • Language-resistant algorithm.

As it has been a stimulating eagerness for businesses to know as much as possible about the new Google updates, the latest Google Penguin 3.0 reflects some key points that you must know before going to start reviving your SEO tactics. If you have observed a sweeping variation in rankings and organic search requests, you need to take action and start diagnosing the reasons that have caused Penguin penalties.

In this blog-post, we’ll dig deep into the matter and explain how the latest update named Penguin 3.0 functions, how it resembles its predecessors, and what you need to do to revive your SEO practices. Moreover, we will also talk about another updates ‘Google Pirate Update’ and its impacts on the websites.

To summarize the Penguin 3.0:

It has been rolled out globally on October 17th, influencing search queries on Google search engine, and it is supposed that the process of rollout shall last for the next few weeks. As it has been termed as ‘Refresh’ in technical language, the latest updates shall be redefining the need to focus on high-quality content and White-Hat SEO practices.

What makes Penguin 3.0 different?

As Google has confirmed that it is a major algorithm alternation in its mechanism, Penguin 3.0 shall be certainly a sophisticated tool to reduce the ‘Black-Hat’ SEO practices and recover search results by punishing those links that don’t seem to be logically created. For example, if you have been utilizing an automated tool to create numbers of backlinks in your website to get the top place on a search engine, chances are ascertained that your website will be buried severely in search results. Instead, if you have followed the standards of genuine SEO practices for months or years, you will certainly observe betterment in rankings. Thanks to Penguin 3.0!

SEO practices post Penguin 3.0 update:

While Penguin is solely aimed at identifying unnatural and manipulative backlinks, inbound links on your website are still the most striking element that makes a difference while optimizing your website in order to get better rankings. Inbound links are defined by only high-quality contents and naturally-built links.

In order to sketch the tactics to create Penguin-resistant and high-quality links, it is high time to change the way we consider about the link building procedure. Here are some key dos to earn top rankings on search engine. They are:

  • Guest blogging.
  • Infographics.
  • Rich and informative content.
  • Content syndication.
  • Effective online campaign to reach out to maximum audiences.
  • Above all, a lively social media existence.

Penguin 3.0, though it is comparatively mild in its effect, is a wake-up call for all businesses to apply link building policies that aim to earn links rather than building automated back links.

On the other hand, Google’s another tweak ‘Google Pirate Update’ has influenced numbers of Torrent websites severely. SearchMetrics finds that the popular keywords of several popular torrent websites have plunged by more than 50%.


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