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Google Hummingbird Update: Unveiling new searching experience for users
admin 01 Oct 2013

On the evening of its 15th birthday, the world most popular search engine Google unveiled an algorithm update called Hummingbird update. It is an attempt by Google to better serve the needs of their users and improve the searchers experience. As Internet marketing is bent on expanding its wings on the back of online advertising campaigns, businesses around the world are wondering whether the update will help them or hurt their online growth. After Caffeine, Panda and Penguin updates, Hummingbird update is the latest one which focuses more on semantic relationships rather than individual keywords and phrases. It is estimated that new update will affect the analysis of about 90 percent of the search requests received by Google.

Previous Panda and Penguin updates directed the online community about Internet marketing focusing on the sites producing the best quality content matching the needs of their audience with the generation of organic traffic. In the same manner, the Hummingbird update is the logical way towards separating the best online content from the trash on the Internet. Now, the update is aimed at giving the search engine a better grip on understanding queries, concepts and questions in place of covetous words. The update is a shift from handling keywords and phrases to analyze the natural queries of users. With the new update, more emphasis will be given to a user specific needs in their search results. The update directly urges the companies to prioritize the needs of their users and create relevant content to satisfy their actual needs.

After the update, to enhance the user experience and getting succeeded at SEO, one needs to publish only unique, quality content, refrain from using black-hat techniques and accumulate genuine high PR back links. Now, your content strategy should be centered on answering user queries and offer them a format that has the ability to solve their searching-related problems.

To sum up, the update has improved Google ability to measure the quality of your content and the relevance of your links.

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