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Google 7-Pack Local Listing Updated To A 3-Pack
admin 11 Aug 2015

There is a major Google update that has taken businesses and the digital marketing world by storm—now, the Google local pack shows only 3 results instead of 7. With this update, Google expects businesses to focus on not only its quality but also its Internet marketing strategy. Let us read up on the Google local pack update, why the update is done, and what can be the update’s probable impact.

A Google local pack is the part of a search result that shows a set of local businesses offering the searched services/products. In the past, this local pack showed 7 local businesses, but, with the update, only 3 businesses will be shown. Also, the displayed businesses in a pack will not have their respective addresses and phone numbers included. As of now, the update has been rolled out and is visible in the US, Europe, Australia, the UK, Canada, South Africa, India, and other parts of the world.

Why is the update important?

Google’s every update comes with an aim to improve its searcher’s experience. But this update has two motives—one remains improving the customer experience while the other one lets the pack be adjusted with every compact mobile user interface.

The update’s possible impacts

With this update, businesses will have to pull their socks up if they wish to be one of the top 3 results in a local pack. Along with that, the update will help searchers to get the most relevant and the best local businesses listings.

With this update, the business that comes fourth in the local pack will have fewer business inquiries and fewer sales. So, that is, from now onward, businesses that ignored the importance of SEO and other e-marketing tactics and/or strategies will leverage quality SEO services. Remember: Premium products/services along with the correct Internet marketing strategy will unlock the door of getting on the top of Google’s local pack results.

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