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Get Unmatched Video On Demand Service And Monetization Capabilities With OVP

An online video platform (OVP) allows the users to upload, store and deliver video content like webi...
Published: 09 Jan 2019
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Home Blog Get Unmatched Video On Demand Service And Monetization Capabilities With OVP

video platform development companyAn online video platform (OVP) allows the users to upload, store and deliver video content like webinar recordings, demo and training videos, and leverage the same for their marketing efforts like lead generation and conversion advertising. The platform can be used for a lot more other purposes like hosting pre-recorded, on-demand videos and streaming live videos. These SaaS based online video platforms are also sometimes referred to as video clouds, video players or video hosting platforms.

Key benefits of SaaS based online video platforms are provided below:

  • Copy-paste embed codes
  • Simple and clean interface
  • Easily upload, categorize and publish content

OVP allows for automatic recording of live streams and saving them as video files. The saved content can be delivered as video on demand (VOD) immediately for download or editing before publishing, and also to increase viewership.

Once a video is uploaded on the OVP, it can be automatically transcoded to the optimal settings for reaching all devices and browsers. One can also attach pre-roll ads video to the content to generate revenue. Ad servers ad networks can be used directly with your OVP.

Features of OVP

Some of the key features that make online video platform so valuable for video content publishing include:

Encoding and delivery

Transcoding allows for the selection of right format and delivery through Cloudfront

Multi device compatibility

Cross device support with output container and protocol

Embed on API

One can publish video on the website just by pasting the embedded HTML code or can even fetch it from API


The content can be monetized and optimized to its full potential


Viewer data can be merged with CRM or with the user’s marketing automation system

Data security

Easy access controls over who can view and share the content

Custom thumbnails

You can provide extra detailing to your videos with custom thumbnail option

Metadata options

Video tags, descriptions and summaries for easy content searches and enhanced SEO of embedded videos

An online video application development company allows for the publishing of content on account, category and media levels as the video is mapped to a category. Presets can be created to transcode the video in web and mobile ready formats. One can also monetize the content with pre, post and mid roll advertisements.

Video hosting for businesses

Here are some of the benefits why you should consider video hosting for your business:

  • You can manage and store all your content at one place
  • Videos can be embedded to any website, anytime
  • Video context with annotations and calls-to-action
  • Advanced video analytics for tracking of video’s performance

Creating and OTT advantage for your business

Making an OTT (over the top) move is the logical next step for a business video owner for cross-platform reach, ensuring flexibility and leveraging on the opportunity to streamline workflow for business management. OTT industry is growing fast, and businesses are ready to pay premium price for niche OTT content service. OTT benefits for businesses are significant, including the below ones:

  • One can reach the audience directly and start conversation with them
  • You own the data, there is no third party involved and all revenue will be directly credited to your account
  • You have the flexibility to customize your apps and do the branding of content
  • Distribute the content to various channels, all the while maximizing revenue with a monetization model of your preference

Online video for social media marketing

The days when social media was for personal use are long gone. Today, businesses are extensively using OVP for their social media marketing campaigns. An OVP platform can also be used for social media marketing campaigns to market upcoming products, collaborative network assistance, raising business profile and joint venture opportunities.

OVP with structured and scalable environment

Flexsin Technologies provides a robust and flexible online video platform for all your business needs. Our SaaS based OVP comes with a structured and scalable environment that professional broadcasters and other business users will find to be very useful. With our OVP, businesses can create secure live streams and video on-demand in the cloud with a host of integrated tools including native HTML player, video transcoding and automatic archiving of live streams. We also offer video analytics dashboard to allow you gain deeper insights about your viewer behavior. You can even integrate the OVP with your Google Analytics account to view more analytical and insightful data at one place, and in real time.

Flexsin provides you new avenues to grow your business with our OVP for rebranding purpose. You can create your own event websites or resell our streaming services to integrate with your existing digital media systems. We can even help you develop your own unique online video platform based on Flexsin APIs.


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