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Generative AI: 5 Ways This Emerging Technology Is Transforming Customer Experience

Customer experience (CX) is integral to business success. Today’s competitive marketplace requires...
Home Blog Generative AI: 5 Ways This Emerging Technology Is Transforming Customer Experience
AUTHOR : Anurag Dutt POSTED : May 18 2023

Customer experience (CX) is integral to business success. Today’s competitive marketplace requires businesses to provide superior CX, which is likely to win customers and retain them for a longer period. Organizations are on the lookout for technology that can improve CX. Enter Generative AI. This piece of emerging technology helps businesses automate tasks, offer personalized recommendations, and generate creative content. Additionally, generative AI can empower businesses to craft delightful experiences that engage customers. In this explainer, we will share five ways generative AI is revolutionizing CX now and beyond.


 Automating Business Tasks

Generative AI automates several tasks that human customer service agents currently perform. This way, generative AI can help a business free up agents who can focus on complicated tasks such as improving customer experiences and shortening resolution cycles. A US consulting firm commissioned a study that revealed AI will manage 95 percent of customer service interactions by 2025.

Delivering Personalized Recommendations

Generative AI can leverage customer data to offer tailored recommendations for content, services, and products. Custom recommendations, in turn, help organizations maximize sales and boost customer satisfaction. Here’s a case in point: Netflix harnesses generative AI to recommend TV shows and movies to its users. Because of this reason, Netflix has risen as a dependable streaming services provider worldwide.

Creating Creative Content Assets

One of the most common generative AI use cases is content creation. Savvy businesspeople are making a beeline for generative AI to create high-impact assets, including blogs, social media content, marketing collateral, audio clips, video content, and images. That way, a business can engage with customers better and expand its user base faster.

Enhancing Customer Support

Organizations leverage chatbots powered by generative AI to strengthen customer support. Chatbots integrated with OpenAI’s ChatGPT API can answer complex customer questions naturally and resolve issues efficiently and at speed. For instance, Drift is a company that uses generative AI to improve the functionality of its chatbots. Therefore, generative AI chatbots have enabled organizations to improve customer satisfaction levels and minimize customer support costs.

Tailoring Customer Journeys

Companies use generative AI to customize customer journeys. Generative AI helps businesses tailor customer experiences that meet a user’s preferences and needs perfectly. This helps a business build lasting relationships with customers and strengthen brand loyalty. For example, Amazon harnesses generative AI capabilities to customize the shopping experience for customers. The company’s generative AI model recommends products to consumers depending on their browsing history and past purchases.


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