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Future Of Artificial Intelligence For Businesses In 2019

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has taken industries by storm. Its capability to perform tasks of varyi...
Published: 07 Dec 2018
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Artificial Intelligence TrendsArtificial Intelligence (AI) has taken industries by storm. Its capability to perform tasks of varying complexities has made it a driving force for the businesses in a range of industry sectors. There is already considerable debate on what AI holds for businesses in 2019, and how the technology could affect our everyday lives. While the future of AI is still unpredictable, however, we will ponder over some emerging trends for AI implementation in 2019 that hold a lot of promise for this technology integration for businesses large and small. Here, we will elaborate what artificial intelligence innovations hold for technology providers, businesses and end users in 2019.

Deep learning platform

These platforms use a unique form of machine learning that involve artificial neural circuits and abstraction layers to mimic brain processing data. These neural circuits help in creating patterns for decision making. The technology is currently being used to recognize patterns and classify applications that have compatibility with large scale data sets.

Natural language processing

NLP is concerned with the interaction between human (natural) language and computers. It focuses on programming the computers to process and analyze large amounts of natural language data. AI engineers will work on a variety of AI tasks in 2019 including:

  • Sentiment analysis
  • Sense disambiguation
  • Speech recognition
  • Event extraction
  • Reputation monitoring, and
  • Conference resolution

Cognitive computing

As cognitive computing and natural language understanding (NLU) will evolve as an alternative to machine learning, there won’t be much of human prep before ingestion into AI, as artificial intelligence will gain capability to think and determine for themselves which data points are important and which need to be sidelined. It will not only eliminate human touch and possibilities of bias, but also save a lot of time, money and efforts.

Unstructured data more valuable than big data

AI will be poised to handle structured and unstructured data in 2019. Attempt to unlock the value of unstructured data captured in natural language like emails, social media exchanges and transcripts have already been made. We will finally be seeing cognitive based AI understanding unstructured data. These algorithms are quite different to those of machine learning, and flexible enough to learn patterns like human brain. This will be a game changer as unstructured data is ready to be utilized in businesses across all industry verticals.

AI permeation

Need for future proofing of AI is being felt by every business spectrum. Instead of focusing on a goal, digital transformation service providers will be integrating artificial intelligence solutions with newer perspectives.

This way, AI holds a lot of promise for developers, technology providers and business in 2019. The technology will have wide implications for consumers and end users as well in a variety of ways, some of which are discussed below.

AI use cases for end users

Rise of advanced AI assistants

Current AI assistants do pretty basic things, like searching and playing songs. In 2019, we will begin using AI assistants such as Siri, Alexa and Google Home every day for operational tasks like searching the internet, getting information about weather, turning off house lights, responding to communication and even paying bills. AI assistants in near future will be able to provide more individualized experiences, and soon we will be able to speak to our car, TV, oven, refrigerator, desktop, etc.

Companies such as Kia and Hyundai are planning to include AI assistants in their vehicles rolling out in 2019.

AI will enable, not replace the existing teams

Though AI will have a significant impact on a wide range of jobs but in next couple of years, it is more likely to support the existing teams, not replace them wholesale. The technology will help solve critical challenges of businesses, especially when they don’t have sufficient resources at the first place. AI will offer solutions to businesses for some of their highly complicated and resource-intensive challenges. Combination of AI and machine learning will help in informing future business decisions, increase efficiencies and streamline processes.

Virtual agents

Companies have already started using AI powered chatbots that answer commonly asked questions of the visitors, qualify sales leads and help customers check out. In 2019, the companies will not only be using chat bots, they will rather be creating AI powered virtual agents with advanced capabilities, with a face and personality to smartly handle customer tasks.

Autodesk’s virtual agent Ava has a female face and voice aligned to the company’s brand. Enterprises will be investing in AI powered virtual agents for more engaging and fruitful conversations with clients in 2019.

Empowering to analyze more data

Information is only as valuable as you make use of it. In 2019, businesses will be integrating AI solutions to help manage and analyze their data. More organizations will be investing in AI engines to scale with the existing data. Machine learning will extend beyond the use cases of text translation and image labeling; it will rather help the organizations exploit the vast amount of data gathered with them. Businesses will engage with AI systems in a more collaborative way to engineer data pipelines for modeling tasks and organization of tedious data.

Enhanced cyber defense

Cyber criminals are actively targeting internet of things (IoT) devices and cloud infrastructure, which is an ever existing threat for businesses. In 2019, companies will be using AI to thwart off cyber threats and hackers. AI will become more integrated in everyday world. Companies such as Darktrace are already using AI to detect online enemies in real time and identify cyber threats before they become widespread.

Decision management

AI enabled machines have the capability to introduce rules and logic to AI systems that can effectively be used for initial setup, training and ongoing maintenance. AI can assist and execute automated decisions, maximizing the efficiency and profitability of your business.

AI will become increasingly invisible

Many technology shifts of recent decades, like world wide web, mobile devices, online taxi service, the way we interact with businesses and do online ticket booking, all these have transformed our live and we take them all for granted now. We now do grocery without even leaving our home or car. AI will have similarly significant outcomes for consumers and businesses alike in 2019, without anyone pointing that it’s AI at work.

AI will already be everywhere, embedded in applications, in our car, behind the scenes, and most of us won’t even know it’s there.

Consuming AI in byte sized applications will help you leverage AI capabilities for your business to stay competitive and achieve the digital transformation. At Flexsin Technologies, we provide you AI solutions to meet your specific business needs to plug and play AI into your business systems for improved efficiency and cost effectiveness. Contact Flexsin to know how AI integration in your business processes could help you improvise your profits and ROI.


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