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Enterprise mobile applications grow your business by connecting you with customers

We have already ushered into the 21st century and have increased our dependence on smartphones due t...
Published: 15 Mar 2014
Category: Mobile App Development
Home Blog Enterprise mobile applications grow your business by connecting you with customers

We have already ushered into the 21st century and have increased our dependence on smartphones due to their enriched and sophisticated apps and features that improve our quality of life. The explosion of smart phones is good for both individuals and businesses. In the perspective of business, smart phones allow businesses with unique sales, marketing and communication opportunities. In the highly competitive market, there has been a huge demand of enterprise mobile applications that are smart, interactive, and allow mobile users retrieve the information of their choice and interest with operating simplicity. That is why about 78% people use apps for customer services and 73% use them to make a purchasing decision.

Why businesses need mobile apps?

- Downloading of billions of mobile apps
- People spend their maximum time on smartphones
- Apps are compatible with all smart phones
- Apps make retrieval of information convenient
- Apps centralize information

It is quite clear that the number of mobile phone users is out bursting every day and billions of apps are downloaded every year. People cling to their smart phones and spend their maximum time with them. Hence, both customers and clients can interact at home, at work or at play conveniently. Moreover, your clients or customers can use your apps whenever and wherever they want them to be at their most receptive. Today, smart phones are the most effective tools for marketing, cooperating, interacting and selling. That is why a well-designed app can boost the sales, even when you are offline. Don’t forget! If you don’t have an app on their smartphones, your competitors can be the first to take competitive advantage.

What can enterprise mobile applications do for businesses?
Mobile apps notification, location, product list, video, discussion, check-in, feeding back and call features keep customers updated and let them know what is happening around them. With these specific enterprise mobile applications, business enterprises can cater changing needs of their customers and can help them bring to your business location.

Mobile apps notification feature is 10 times more effective than an email and tells customers about services and products. Apps with location feature direct customers to their nearest stores. Apps with product list or video feature help customers see products and watch videos describing your products and services. Apps with discussion feature can allow customers to share their feedback. Apps with check-in feature encourage customers to visit your website again and again. Interestingly, apps with call feature enables your customer contact you uninterruptedly.

Now, the major question is that ‘would your customers and clients use your apps?’ The answer to the question is “yes”. People want information that is relevant and useful to them; people want new deals and offers of products and services and want to improve their quality of life by removing time wasting hassles. With updated and custom apps, people can easily find information, contact you, give their feedback, buy products and services and form a relationship that induces loyalty and reliance.

When it comes to the enterprise mobile applications development, business enterprises need to have the services of mobile apps developers that have expertise and experience in iPhone Apps development, Android Apps development, iOS Apps development, Android Tablet Apps development or mobile website development on a variety of platforms and operating systems such as Android, Bada, BlackBerry, iOS, Sailfish OS, Windows Phone and Firefox OS.



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