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Enrich the Technical Inheritance of Your Website with Advanced ASP.NET Framework

“Dynamic webpages, Safety, user-friendly, and Compatibility with the common language runtime (CLR)...
Published: 07 Jun 2014
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Home Blog Enrich the Technical Inheritance of Your Website with Advanced ASP.NET Framework

“Dynamic webpages, Safety, user-friendly, and Compatibility with the common language runtime (CLR)” … These are key advantages that stem from the websites and web-based applications, developed in ASP.NET model. It allows the users to send a request for the webpage from any browser or user-end device, and .NET sends back markup like HTML to the request-making browser appropriately. It is high time to translate your static website into dynamic one and give a new direction to your presence in the virtual space.
ASP Net Framework
ASP.NET web development is driven by server technology, allowing the server to create dynamic webpages and applications, depending on users’ activities. Dissimilar to other technologies, it avails of the Windows Web Server to execute ASP.NET web portals and apps. Its page and control application is a technical model that works on a server to dynamically update the webpages. In order to ensure utmost security at website, the technical features of ASP.NET let its high-end security infrastructure verify and authenticate the users’ access.

Since the inception of Microsoft’s ASP.NET, a large majority of organizations and individuals as well have switched over from conventional website development languages to advanced .NET framework for coding dynamic webpages and web-centric applications. It is an integrated web development framework that provides the developers with the all required elements to write business-oriented webpages and applications using compiled languages such as visual basics, Jscript, C#, among others.

As the competition among entrepreneurs at the virtual platforms is ascending a new altitude day by day, a business-oriented and highly interactive website is regarded as the most effective tool for them to outpace their rivals and to get a new space among the viable customers. The elements such as rich contents, informative graphics, easy-to-surf pages, and pleasing interface are the key players that leave ever-lasting impact on the people navigating the website.

Why choose ASP.NET –

- It is based on server side scripting algorithm. Consequently, it runs smoother and quicker compared to interpreted languages.
- The application is relatively safe and protected because of inherent windows authentication set-up.
- ASP.NET-based websites and web-centric applications get updated without restarting the server.
- It includes page and control framework that works to infuse dynamic elements into webpages.
- It handles multiple requests for webpages properly by sending markup.
- It is highly compatible with all web standards.
- It provides the developers with more than 20 .NET languages for building websites and web-driven applications.

So, Microsoft’s ASP.NET has surfaced as the most effective tool for programmers in writing codes for web programming and building web-based applications. It is because of reliable and tested framework of ASP.NET, it has been the most preferred instrument for developers since its inception.

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