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Empowering Healthcare Enterprises To Save Lives And Businesses From COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced healthcare enterprises to readjust their clinical resources and reb...
Published: 04 Jun 2020
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Health Care Application

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced healthcare enterprises to readjust their clinical resources and rebuild their financial roadmaps. The pandemic has caused unprecedented business changes in every segment, including healthcare, that would have been unthinkable to carry out in the recent past.

In these unfortunate times, the healthcare industry will have to open a new world of contactless care that can help save lives and even enable medical facilities to thrive. At Flexsin, we understand the vulnerabilities of the healthcare segment posed by the novel coronavirus disease’s outbreak.

The novel coronavirus disease has disrupted the global medical supply chain to an incredible extent. When the healthcare sector is facing unheard challenges and unknown obstacles, we are leveraging our deep digital expertise and capabilities for building innovation-driven solutions for medical enterprises.

Here is how we have empowered a healthcare enterprise to achieve a new level of success and safety in the face of the growing business challenges created by COVID-19.

Making Contactless Care A Reality For Healthcare Facilities In The COVID-19 Era

A client with an impressive track record in the medical sector had a revolutionary idea of dialing up the quality of healthcare by streamlining the interaction between doctors and patients. And for tackling the COVID-19 situation head-on, the client wanted the care delivery to be contactless so that it is free from any kind of exposure.

For putting the idea from conception to completion, the client required harnessing immense digital capabilities of a key technological player. That is where our development team, at Flexsin, came on board. We developed a hybrid HIPPA-compliant mobile application along with a web-based application for the client’s two user groups for making sure that delivering contactless care is a possibility.

Unlike the challenges faced by legacy medical technologies, this new-age healthcare ecosystem was designed to drive healthcare-centric innovation to a whole new level of excellence. Our development team understood that tomorrow’s contactless care delivery solutions could not be designed by simply relying on yesterday’s solutions.

Which brought us to …

A Medical Ecosystem That Revolutionizes Contactless Healthcare From Scratch

The next generation of healthcare applications and web systems must be fluid, responsive and reliable. Our development team made sure that this healthcare application checked every single of these boxes to become one of the most useful healthcare ecosystems of all time.

We built dedicated platforms for patients and doctors; these platforms had features exclusively designed for each user group. First of all, let us discuss the application in this healthcare ecosystem that has helped patients receive best-in-class care and consultation from top doctors in the comfort of their home.

An Intuitive Application That Builds A Digital Bridge Between Patients And Doctors

Our team came up with an incredibly fluid hybrid mobile application for iOS and Android. The application is live and helping patients track their COVID-19 symptoms without stepping out of their homes.

Since the novel coronavirus disease has the symptoms that are strikingly similar to the common flu, it is important to make sure that the patients are tracking the right symptoms every time. Thanks to its health diary, this healthcare mobile app has enabled many patients and their doctors to diagnose the COVID-19 disease in its early stages and take necessary precautions.

Besides having tremendous symptom-tracking capabilities, the application even lets patients share their symptomatic data and other related details with their doctors and patients. All in all, this healthcare application is digitally transforming healthcare in every possible way.

A Robust Web Ecosystem That Gives Healthcare A Digital Dimension

For doctors, our team designed an end-to-end web-based application. With this web-based application by their side, the doctors would save their lives from the novel coronavirus disease and even their business from shutting down in times of an outbreak that sees little to no patient visits.

Once the doctors signed up on this web-based application, they would be able to carry out online consultations. That means they could do consultations online without having patients coming to their clinic in person. Which is why, the web application is best for doctors who do not want them and their patients to get exposed to the high risk of contracting COVID-19.

Other than providing healthcare practitioners with the facility of doing online consultations, the web healthcare ecosystem has a host of interesting features. These features help the doctors give their patients the ability to do online bookings, managing their appointment dairy with a few clicks and interacting with patients through chat or call.

A Strategic Partnership For Driving Digital Transformation In Clinical Care Ahead

This fully regulated healthcare ecosystem, which we developed for a client, has helped in making healthcare better and safer in these times of COVID-19 outbreak. For this specific client, we used scalable mobile and web app solutions for ensuring that the security of the clinical workforce and patients does not get hampered at any cost and at any time.

Like this success story, our development team has numerous live projects that have transformed businesses and improved lives across the world. If you are associated with a healthcare enterprise and want to discuss an idea that will transform the way care is delivered, then get connected with our sales professionals.

Our team has expertise in understanding your idea and helping you refine it to the extent that it goes from paper to the real world in the shortest period. We have already improved the innovation capability of many healthcare enterprises from the world over. So, now it is your turn to collaborate with us and revolutionize healthcare so that it is better equipped to scale according to unknown medical challenges involving pandemics and the like.


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