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Emerging mobile enterprise solutions: Challenges and opportunities

Work habits in the corporate world are changing as we can see more employees working out of the offi...
Published: 15 Apr 2015
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Home Blog Emerging mobile enterprise solutions: Challenges and opportunities

Work habits in the corporate world are changing as we can see more employees working out of the office on their mobile devices using cloud services to accomplish day-to-day business tasks. It is possible only with enterprise mobility management (EMM) that ensures the availability of security and control for mobile-enabled corporate apps, data, and devices in bring your own device (BYOD) and corporate-owned environments. EMM is a great way to enhance employee productivity, but it is not free from security risks until it is supported by data loss prevention technologies.

Challenges and opportunities
mobile enterprise
Enterprise mobility delviers anytime, anywhere access to information and turns out as an opportunity for organizational transformation in the form of business benefits. Modern mobile technologies have altered the scenario of working from fixed location and helped enterprises improve productivity with the immense potential of mobility. With it, businesses can have lot of benefits, such as improved customer service, employee contentment, unique business opportunities and low operating costs.

However, there are some challenges that companies need to deal with in order to unlock new opportunities to-be-imparted by modern mobile devices. These include: Cost, Complexity, and Corporate data security.

• Management of personal and professional BYOD.
• Implementation of application and software in order to make devices work seamlessly.
• Making a balance between data security and usuability.
• Offering superior field performance to application via mobile access
• Complaince and security of data while sharing content over mobile devices
• Installing new apps to keep system free from risks and treats
• Choosing the right device that really works

Turning challenges into opportuines

Business enterprises need to formulate an enterprise mobility strategy in order to make people productive, mobilize the team, and make the most of customer opportunities. Opportunities always come with challenges, and we have to make fundamental changes to make things happen. Let’s see some opportunities that can turn the face of enterprise mobility. These include:

• Enable productive employees to go for the mobility on their terms.
• Make the approach to devices, apps and data totally centralized, unifed and simplified.
• Remove the obstacle that IT users face by cracking the code to hybrid identity.
• Make data secure and well governed to protect corporate information.
• Build enterprise mobility strategy that can offer a right platform.

Looking for solutions to overcome challenges

A professional and expert web development company effectively renders business value and redefines the time, efforts, and cost needed to mobilize your business. To do so, the company provides adequate infrastructure and resources for integrated access, advanced app and data security, and sped up mobilization, including Enterprise & Web Portal development.

To sum up, EMM offers lot of benefits to enterprises and overcomes the challenges enterprise mobility by completing the requirement of BYOD, MDM, security, social media and application integration, and analytics in order to achieve organizational goals.


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