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Electronic commerce or ecommerce is the result of electronic revolution all over the world. This ter...
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AUTHOR : admin POSTED : Apr 08 2011

Electronic commerce or ecommerce is the result of electronic revolution all over the world. This term refers to the process of buying and selling of products or services via internet and computer networks. The ecommerce solutions are needed to conduct commercial processes including supply chain management, transaction processing, electronic data interchange, inventory management, adverting, data collection, data analysis, etc. After the invention of internet by Tim Berners Lee in 1990, the use of electronic marketing has spread all over the world. People have started using the word ecommerce for trading of products and services. At present, modern electronic commerce is carried out with the help of World Wide Web.

In the age of information technology, the ecommerce has emerged as the most beneficial part of the business organizations. Instead of visiting to the storages, people can purchase their products and services by sitting at home. The ecommerce services are sought by companies to perform better in the market and expand their customer bases. The best part of the ecommerce is that it saves your valuable time and cost of marketing, but can reach to the maximum number of customers.

The internet has changed the perception of marketing people, and those who were using conventional methods for marketing are hiring ecommerce solutions for smooth running of the business on a large scale. The internet has enabled business people to conduct business anytime from anyplace in any language or currency. The increasing number of net users has encouraged organizations to launch their own online retailers where transactions can be commenced smoothly. It facilitates 24/7 open shop to cater the needs of its clients and buyers. Earlier, electronic media was used for limited purposes like electronic data interchange and electronic fund transfer. But now things have been changes a lot and ecommerce services have been helping thousands of web portals and applications for shopping and selling purposes.

Internet has also paved the way of outsourcing and in-depth research and skills ecommerce services are being outsourced to overseas companies. Different search engine optimization SEO companies are offering different ecommerce solution packages from designing to development, from marketing to technical upgradation, every service is there to serve business companies.


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