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Digital marketing strategies to get quality traffic, leads, and sales

Websites, if used well, create high traffic, stellar sales, and quick revenue for a business by leve...
Published: 10 Jun 2016
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Websites, if used well, create high traffic, stellar sales, and quick revenue for a business by leveraging the principles of e-commerce. By engaging in e-commerce, a business that has a scalable website can create greater growth opportunities for itself and can stay connected with its customers 24 × 7.

However, there is no need to rebuild or redesign the website even if it does not generate enough leads and sales. That is because there are a couple of hacks that must be implemented for improving a business’s growth significantly. This post is dedicated to making these hacks (five of the top ones) known to all the digital marketers and business owners alike.

Performing conversion audits

Many website developers and digital marketers will never assure a business that its website will attract a lot of traffic. These companies may promise a client the moon, but they eventually fail to deliver because they are not conversion experts per se.

For this reason, it is beneficial if the business/client can carry out a comprehensive conversion audit that is worth the effort; however, many clients are reluctant to do so because such audits are generally out-of-pocket expenses.

During the audit, the client company must identify problems and even make the required changes way before the launching campaign begins. Also, audit conversions must continuously take place during the optimizing and testing phases are underway. These conversions or tests will enable companies to reach the desirable conversion numbers quickly.

Leveraging call tracking capabilities

If a business website uses multiple traffic sources for generating phone calls, it will be a stellar idea to send every source to a special, dedicated landing page that features unique phone numbers.

After leveraging call tracking that is managed by every leading PPC management company, the business will be able to analyze which all sources produced the most number of phone calls (since these call-tracking numbers will automatically route to the listed contact number of the business).

Other advantages of this system are as follows:

  • Handling phone leads becomes simpler, quicker, and more efficient
  • Recording calls becomes easier; and these recorded calls may be used by the QA personnel for improving the sales staff’s call-handling skills

Knowing the visitors’ clicks and scrolls on the site

There are many advantages when a business has the visibility of where the clicks (on its sites) are happening. One of the key benefits is after having such a visibility, the business’s digital marketers offering SEO in India can reposition their efforts from a site’s dead zones toward those spaces that attract clicks.

Plus, the business can even use one of the leading heat map tools—such as Crazy Egg—to show the:

  • Areas where the maximum number of clicks are occurring
  • Referral/traffic source that is producing the clicks
  • Length of the site’s webpage up to which a visitor is scrolling

By doing such analyses, a business’s digital marketers can put multiple call-to-action buttons in different locations. That is because you cannot simply throw a few offers on the website and assume the conversions will easily roll in. Such a heat map tool will provide a business a few crucial insights into the locations where its visitors are clicking so that it can strategize well to improve the conversion rates.

Analyzing Google Analytics data

Whenever a business gets insights into the traffic source that is producing conversions and into those sources which are not, it can easily make a truckload of changes. Just imagine a business knowing that a larger share of its social media traffic is not at all converting; if a business has such insights, it will be easily able to allocate its social media budget to those channels that are delivering sizeable results.

For example, what if a business is able to know that its major conversions were engaging within the blog before converting? If that is the case, then a business should improve its content count and use different distribution outlets—Taboola and Outbrain, for example.

All these insights will come to a business if it is analyzing its Google Analytics data really well. Such analyses can doubtlessly enable a company to do away with all those traffic sources that have performed abysmally in the past; further, such analyses even let a company to improve its digital marketing efforts so that they can drive the highest percentage of conversion rates.

Installing live chat options

A lot of business owners presume that live chats are good for only the leading e-commerce sites. However, if a business is able to answer pre-purchase questions, it will easily save sales slipping away and will enable chat operators only to close the sale.

Which is why, this simple tool has become very important for every website these days. For example, a restaurant (which is trying to get reservations and to generate physical location visits) can easily assist with a lot of things, say, clarifications of directions.

A large amount of chat services can be easily integrated within mobile phones so that even a restaurateur can put an employee to monitor such live chat tools. This option is indeed a cost-efficient one that, if used well, can produce a lot of results.

So these are the five tips that must be heeded well by every business that is looking to have a website that is not only the company’s face on the Internet but also its cutting-edge e-marketing tool.


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