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People, today, walk with smartphones in their pockets, and these internet-connected tiny computers o...
Published: 27 Sep 2016
Category: Mobile App Development
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People, today, walk with smartphones in their pockets, and these internet-connected tiny computers open a new world of opportunities for business marketers. Almost all businesses are including mobile in their strategies, but not everyone is successful in tapping into the full potential of mobile applications. The reason: Nearly every second business app has unnecessary features that do not let it perform expectedly and, thus, contribute in revenue generation. That is why this post is dedicated to understanding the must-have features that a business app should have for delivering results.

Geo-targeting Push Notifications

Push notifications is a popular mobile-marketing tool because they encourage and empower users to take immediate actions. As customers shift from feature phones to smartphones, mobile marketers see smart devices as a strong communication channel to build brand loyalty.

Today, push notifications are put in local context by focusing on geo-targeting. Since customer needs are generally local in nature, the solutions must be local too. And when marketers use a push notification with geo-targeting, they provide such solutions easily. Benefits of geo-targeting the push notifications include:

  • Proximity-based offerings: With this feature, a business uses a push notification to inform users/prospects about special offers and new products/services in their present area.
  • Geo-fencing: This feature is important for marketers who invest in targeted marketing efforts in a specific geographical area. By using this feature, the marketers put a virtual fence and send push notifications to all the targeted customers/prospects within that fence.

Improved User Interface

An application must be easy to navigate, and if it is, then it has a first-class User Interface (UI). As soon as an app gets downloaded, the user will open it — and that is when the first impression is formed. The look and feel of an app is even more important if it is free. In such cases, the users compare the fluidness of an app with that of its rival one; if the freebie delivers a poorer performance than what is delivered by its rivals, the free one will be deleted.

Users open apps in a small-sized touchscreen, so its UI has to be as unobtrusive as possible. If the UI of an app carries redundant add-ons, then the app feels less intuitive and very bulky. So the app should take out all the design elements that are not giving any value to its users.

Highly Adaptive

Creating a successful app is one thing, but maintaining its success is a different thing altogether. An app’s success is maintained when the developers give its users valuable updates regularly. If users of an app have paid 50 pence, then they will want much more than what they have spent.

One of the most adaptive apps of all time has been Angry Birds, which is developed by Rovio Entertainment Ltd. The company went back to basics of mobile application development to design a clean, intuitive app that was once downloaded nearly one million times a day. The success of the app came early because it adapted to user needs by rolling out regular updates that streamlined gameplay and satisfied gamers.

So here are the top three features that every app should have to perform excellently, build brand loyalty and drive business revenue to the core. If a business’s in-house team is incapable to design a crack app having these features, hire a mobile application development company having the expertise in designing business apps that translate expectations into performance.


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