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Deploy Next-Gen Across Salesforce Communities With Lightning Bolt Solutions

Since Salesforce rolled out Community Cloud, it has received good feedback from different industries...
Anurag Dutt
Published: 10 Sep 2021
Category: Salesforce
Home Blog Deploy Next-Gen Across Salesforce Communities With Lightning Bolt Solutions

Since Salesforce rolled out Community Cloud, it has received good feedback from different industries. Community Cloud delivers an impressive experience to community users in an organization. Better yet, every single Cloud update brings more helpful functionalities and game-changing features that boost productivity and improve automation.

Community Cloud is a cloud-powered service that helps accelerate the pace of business transformation. Salesforce’s Community Cloud helps enterprises build branded communities, portals, and sites. Through these collaborative-driven portals, customers, employees, and partners share information, sell via different channels, and solve client queries.

A few years ago, Salesforce listed Lightning Bolt on AppExchange. Still, many business leaders do not know exactly how they can use Lightning Bolt solutions with the Salesforce CRM ecosystem. If you are one of these business leaders, then do not worry. It is because this explainer guide will cover everything about Lightning Bolt.

Salesforce Lightning Bolt: Build One Time. Distribute And Reuse Every Time

Distribute And Reuse Every Time

Here is the primary goal of Salesforce Lightning Bolt: It is used for building and delivering personalized communities and mobile-optimized portals at speed and scale. If your business has to craft communities and portals frequently, this framework will supercharge its performance. If your partners want to build intuitive and stunning customer-facing sites which seamlessly integrate with Salesforce, then this platform will make it possible with a few clicks.

The integration of Lightning Bolt with Salesforce has made the CRM ecosystem more lucrative for large enterprises and small businesses. Whether you want to enhance user engagement or improve the customer experience, you can custom-make a Lightning solution with the help of a Lightning component.

Most Salesforce development companies use Lightning components to create high-speed Bolt solutions with built-in workflows and deep business logic. In short, the Lightning Bolt framework has a suite of tools to improve customer experience, making it simpler and faster. That’s why businesses with custom online portals or online social communities must use the Lightning Bolt framework.

If your business has to create page templates, apps, or business process flow in a reusable and easy-to-distribute format, then Lightning Bolt is your framework of choice. The solutions that you build on the Lightning Bolt framework can be shared and sold on AppExchange. That is why businesses that invest in this framework are able to create and reuse breath-taking personalized communities while configuring their automation on the fly. Besides, publishing workflows or apps will be easier and faster when your business uses the Lightning Community Template.

Salesforce Lightning Bolt Components Explored And Explained

Salesforce Lightning Bolt Components Explored And Explained

Lightning Community Templates

This template comprises a theme layout with pages and CSS, content layouts, and lightning components. You can explore a stand-alone community page with a full-fledged content layout and components rather than only exploring the template.

Flow Category

This Lightning component includes one or more than one flows. The presence of these flows makes it easier to bind a group for business processes that are interlinked.

Custom Apps

You may easily add custom apps that will help you build solutions that will align well with your business needs.

How Does Salesforce Lightning Bolt Help Your Enterprise?

Here is the most important part. Why should your business invest in Salesforce Lightning Bolt? If yes, then this section lists the concrete benefits of using this particular framework. Overall, there are two benefits of using Salesforce Lightning Bolt.

  • First, this framework helps a business save effort, time, and money.
  • Second, Lightning Bolt will help provide industry-centric solutions.

Before Lightning Bolt solutions arrived on the scene, a business wanting to build an industry-centric community or a portal had to start from the ground up. And the whole process of building communities and portals was somehow missing a standardized Salesforce methodology. Earlier, either your Salesforce implementation partner or you would have to build portals and communities. And this whole process of creating and deploying communities required effort, time, and money.

But then came Lightning Bolt. Thanks to this Salesforce framework, businesses can take community-customization initiatives to a whole new level without compromising on consistency and unified user experience. The fact is, Lightning Bolt always focuses on Salesforce’s automated processes, business logic, workflows, and client information. Not to mention the kind of look and feel of the CRM ecosystem this framework brings with it.

Since Lightning Bolt is part of Salesforce, you can seamlessly integrate your online communities and portals with this CRM. In fact, you can just use APIs to integrate Bolt applications to the CRM Community Cloud without any prior modifications or configurations.

Leading Salesforce implementation partners have built hundreds of thousands of personalized Lightning communities. These hyper-personalized communities have helped employees and customers interact and collaborate in whole new ways. Besides, these communities empower developers to take a step toward creating industry-specific solutions in record time. These industry-centric solutions generally comprise patient care portals, partner relationship management communities, B2B e-commerce sites, and more.

Collaborating With A Salesforce Implementation Partner

Do you want to deep dive into the productive world of Salesforce Lightning Bolt but lack the expertise and experience? If so, you need to form a strategic alliance with a reliable Salesforce Implementation Partner. We, at Flexsin, have been a trusted Salesforce Implementation Partner for SMEs and enterprises.

We offer Salesforce consulting, implementation, configuration, app development, and more. Besides, we also offer a suite of QuickStart implementation solutions for budget-conscious businesses. Connect with our Salesforce expert today to discuss your business requirements and see how Salesforce can help make your organization more productive


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