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Custom Software Development Trends and Methodologies

Custom software development involves creating and deploying software to meet the needs of a specific...
Published: 18 Dec 2019
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Custom Software Development

Custom software development involves creating and deploying software to meet the needs of a specific set of users or an organization with specialized operations. It varies greatly from the commercial off-the-shelf software (COTS) with a broad set of requirements for commercial use in the sense that custom software targets the users with narrowly-defined requirements that are not available with COTS.

Custom software development includes customization, modernization and management of applications. Customization allows support for individual requirements; modernization helps in maintaining the viability of the application for the evolving user demands, while its management makes the software effective with supporting tasks like updating and maintenance.

Users have some specific requirements and needs, and developers have to fulfill these demands while creating an app. Users and organization are looking for on-demand software that supports customization, salability and convenience, and it’s here that the custom software development can deliver you the real value and business advantage.

Some benefits of customs software development:


Software that works best for a business may not be the best option for your organization as you may be following certain processes that others don’t. A custom software development company will ensure that your all processes are properly addressed as per your requirements when you opt for custom software development.

Lower integration costs

Custom software can be built to integrate well with its intended environment in an organization and operate with its existing infrastructure. You can choose not only the features you want integrated to be developed but can also cut down on the costs and time spent in using different software for your various business aspects.

Low-code development

The developers build lego blocks that eliminate the requirement of complex codes in software development. You can also customize software in your own way.


Since the software is bespoke, you can decide on the trendsetting technology to design your application and make it work the way you want.

Emphasis on business acumen

Custom software shows your commitment towards your business as you streamline your workflow for your specific requirements.


You don’t have to mold your working to align with COTS or the commercially available standard software, rather you can customize your software to suit your requirements, offering you the flexibility of work and choices of technologies.

Custom software development methodologies in use:

  • Agile: It allows for breaking the requirements into consumable functions and their rapid delivery through incremental development.
  • Rapid application development (RAD): This non-linear approach is used to condense design and code construction into one interconnected step for rapid delivery of applications.
  • DevOps: This agile-based approach is used to bring software development and IT operations together in the design of the software.

Custom software development trends for 2020

Some of the noticeable custom software development trends for 2020 are discussed below:

AI-driven development

AI is a subset of machine learning. Organizations are utilizing AI in software development to improve the efficiency of business tasks. AI-based software can think intelligently like humans. AI-enhanced solutions, such as automated code generation and augmented analytics are being used by the organizations to improve the customer experience.

Robotic process automation (RPA)

RPA custom software development allows for standardization of processes for improved customer experiences, higher process quality, enhanced workflow, scalability and transparency. The software can be used to validate data from documents using fuzzy logic with limited assistance from the human users. Software robot workers allow humans to focus on the tasks that require higher cognitive abilities, creativity and ingenuity. RPA can be implemented for a variety of business automation needs, such as attended and unattended automation, web scarping automation, and intelligent document recognition.


Salesforce development allows you to fully cover your customers’ journeys and build memorable experiences for them. The software is highly useful in transforming internal business processes that can’t be addressed with regular CRM functionality. Our custom software developers can help turn your Salesforce into your workflow powerhouse by increasing your productivity, customer satisfaction and revenue.

SAP development

SAP business solutions allow organizations and employees to achieve their greatest goals with custom solutions in the cloud, on-premise and hybrid scenarios for their specific requirements regarding the line of business, products and services. SAP custom software development allows for improved productivity with personalized roles for employees, enhanced collaboration within an organization’s value chain, and process standardization.

Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT enables faster and cost-effective processing of data. Edge computing is being used to provide better output by processing data at a network’s edge, and not at the heart of it. Data can be analyzed at a closer level while providing improvised security and privacy.

Mixed reality

It’s the combination of virtual reality and augmented reality. MR has seen tremendous growth in recent years with increasing market of smart phone apps. MR is being integrated into large scale web and mobile apps, allowing the customers to interact with products and services.


Though extensively used in finance industry and Fintech, blockchain is finding increasing use in software development, healthcare, supply chain, media and publishing, and many other industrial sectors. The secured and simplified recording of transactions in a decentralized ledger has made blockchain technology of strategic importance for businesses in a variety of industrial domains.

Cloud takes new dimensions

Blockchain, virtual reality (VR) and internet of things (JoT), all can function as a cloud service, offering new opportunities to software development companies and businesses. Leading businesses today run their technology core on cloud. It provides scalability on demand and global availability of services.

As a trusted custom software development company, Flexsin Technologies has the talented pool of experts in various technology stacks to help you solve your various software development challenges with reliable custom software development.  We offer custom software development solutions for mobile, web and desktop applications for your B2B, B2C and internal operations’ needs. Our experts can help transform your general concept of a future solution into a detailed requirement and specifications to comprehensively cover your business needs and bring value to your customers. We have expertise to deliver the custom software matching your business vision.


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