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Cross-platform mobile apps development diverge apps for multiple platforms

With incessant advancements and innovations in the mobile technology, it has become much easier to d...
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AUTHOR : admin POSTED : Jul 05 2014

With incessant advancements and innovations in the mobile technology, it has become much easier to develop enhanced and feature-rich mobile apps. Every other day, new techniques and tools are unveiled to make the functionality, usability and practicality of mobiles more convenient and easy. Acquiring a large number of customers and delivering the highest quality engagement to a target market has been the main focus of business owners in the modern, electronic era. In the world of mobile apps, one-size-fits-all solution is needed as all smartphones do not develop on the same platform.

Cross-platform mobile apps development

Today, if an entrepreneur needs a mobile application for his business purpose, he is bound to develop the same application on all the popular platforms available. It will be definitely very expensive for entrepreneurs. Nowadays, the demand for cross-platform mobile apps development is going up due to the rise in the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) concept. The concept relates to the employees who bring their own personal mobile devices and use them for accomplishing corporate objectives or accessing company applications. So, it has become imperative for entrepreneurs to develop corporate mobile apps that can run on different mobile devices with different operating systems.

Cross platform is the best technique for mobile application development. With the cross platform, it is easy to develop apps that can be easily run on Android, iPhone, or windows platforms. It involves development of an original app on a native platform and then send it to other native platforms. There are a lot of advantages of using cross-platform networks:

• Reusability of codes.
• Uniform look and feel.
• Reduced development costs.
• Greater reach to the targeted audience.
• Easy marketing.
• Cost effective.

Popular tools for cross-platform application development such as PhoneGap, Sencha, Appcelerator Titanitum, Xamarin, RhoMobile, jQuery Mobile and appMobi enable mobile phone developers to develop a smart technology for future mobile dominance. These tools give business owners an opportunity to reduce their dependence on iphone and Andriod platforms and use smartphone apps to achieve business goals.

Why prefer cross-platform mobile development services?

• Less time, less budget.
• Frameworks that reaches across multiple platforms.
• Creating unique interfaces and placing content into the app.
• Built-in components that make apps responsive.
• Highly functional apps.
• Creating cross-platform enterprise solutions.
• Creating UI of apps through different programming language.

To sum up, the cross platform is the future of mobile app development and has emerged as one-size-fits-all solution that simplifies mobile application development and creates different apps that perfectly run on all platforms.


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