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Cross-platform Mobile Application Tools for Business Needs

It is obvious that advanced platforms help you target and access more people easily. The competition...
Published: 30 Oct 2014
Category: Mobile App Development
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It is obvious that advanced platforms help you target and access more people easily. The competition between Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android is being fierced. On the other hand, the number of mobile phone users, having smart phones from these two global brands, is touching new altitudes. Consequently,  cross-platform mobile applications compatible with these iOS and Android are in high demand.

In the business world, cross-platform applications are needed to reach out a large number of customers and deliver them the highest quality of services. Cross platforms are the most accurate and result-oriented gateways that allow customers locate services or products 24/7. There are some benefits using these apps. These include:

  • Broader reach to customers.
  • Easy to market your business among smartphone users.
  • Uniformity in user interface on both platforms—iOS and Android.
  • Easy to maintain and update the database with a single application.
  • Integrated with cloud computing for hosting services.
  • Inexpensive tool to cover more users of diverse platforms.

Major mobile phone operating systems are moderately different in terms of the functionality and codebase. In the course of developing a compatible application through a cross-platform, developers have to deal with several technical elements. Interestingly, there are some practical and popular mobile app development tools that help developers code a cross-platform program.


MoSync is a cutting-edge development tool that builds an application having great compatibility with Symbian, iOS, iPad platforms, Linux mobile, Windows, and Android. It can support languages such as Java, PHP, Python, JavaScript, C, and C++.


Whoop is based on WYSYWIG UI. It allows developers drop the components and tug the programming code from the task bar. It is well compatible with mobile phone operating systems such as Android, iOS, Symbian, Windows, and BlackBerry.


Though Widgetpad lacks the newest mobile app elements and it turns the tool inferior, yet it is the best mobile app for those who look for light and easy application for their smart phones. It is a web-centered tool that is used to build cross-platform software.


PhoneGap is currently making a great difference in the application domain. It has great efficiency to deal with the applications designed for popular platforms such as Android, BlackBerry, iOS, Palm, and Symbian. Based on HTML, JavaScript, and CSS3, it lets developers access advanced features of smartphones such as GPS tracker and accelerometer.


It is a pretty advanced application tool that generally helps developers build applications for Android and iOS. Based on the C# language script, Xmarin is very handy and adaptive for those doing the diverse tasks on the same project.

Global mobile application development companies are accomplishing numbers of projects for developing cross-platform mobile apps utilizing the above tools. For diverse sectors like banking, corporate, eCommerce and government organizations, mobile applications deliver a concrete approach to the masses.


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