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Creating the sustainable competitive edge with digital marketing

It is difficult, but not impossible, to create sustainable competitive advantages in digital marketi...
Published: 16 Sep 2016
Category: Digital Marketing & SEO
Home Blog Creating the sustainable competitive edge with digital marketing

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It is difficult, but not impossible, to create sustainable competitive advantages in digital marketing. So here are some ideas that can enable a business to have the digital marketing edge that its competition may struggle to get.

Digital marketing innovator

If a business becomes a digital trendsetter on the internet, it will get awesome visibility. Followers of a digital marketing trendsetter will wait for its posts, quotes and other updates. So a business should aim for creating such an image.

For example, if a business has written a post having quality links, then the company is, in a way, building a killer link profile. A great link profile lends a huge advantage to a business’ existing digital marketing strategy. And a business should create a good gap in its quality link profile so that it takes years for its competition to catch up.

Superior content

Sites such as TripAdvisor and Amazon create superior content every day without really investing in a methodical content strategy. The reason: A majority of their content comes from user reviews. The number of those reviews, and even their quality, is the competitive edge of Amazon or TripAdvisor — something that their competitors can only hope to match.

If, however, a business does not get so many reviews, it is better to invest time and resources in churning out good content. A business can pay experts to review its product/service to increase traction on its site. Similarly, it can even request its users to review its product/service that they used; that will give content authenticity.

Social media platform

If a business has the time and funds to create high visibility on Facebook, then it is the best thing. But many businesses find it difficult to do that, so it is better for them to invest in an upcoming social media platform. Because of its newness, a social media platform may not attract so many businesses.

It is a fact that a fresh social media platform’s early adopters can build a remarkable brand presence on that platform. But when the platform gets an app and becomes more established, this competitive edge is difficult to sustain. In such difficult times, it is better to go for social media services, which a digital marketing services suite offers.


UX, which is also known as user experience, is one of the most underutilized areas for many companies. Businesses, due to unknown reasons, fail to build memorable UX. There are, however, many ways to create that; here are some of them.

  • Usability testing is important to perform for knowing how much easy it is to use a site. If a business site is difficult to navigate, then it will never create good UX no matter how valuable content chunks it shares.
  • A business should invest in responsive web/mobile sites that are quicker to load. Less loading time means lower bounce rate. Also, building an agile, responsive site is one of the best ways of cultivating superior UX.

The discussed ideas are easier to implement if a business uses digital marketing services from a leading player or if it has an in-house team for these jobs.


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