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Combining Power Of Salesforce And Business Operations For Smarter Sales

Managing and improving a company’s interactions with customers is important to provide a satisfyin...
Published: 28 Oct 2020
Category: Salesforce
Home Blog Combining Power Of Salesforce And Business Operations For Smarter Sales

Managing and improving a company’s interactions with customers is important to provide a satisfying and engaging experience. One of the common issues in customer servicing is keeping the  data accurate, updated and consistent. This could be frustrating as an executive may be completely out of the loop of the previous customer interactions with a brand, resulting in customer dissatisfaction. Salesforce shares updated customer information across all teams of an organization to help them deliver unmatched service. It streamlines customer communication and provides capabilities to the agents to update information on the go. Salesforce is also good at detecting when there could be some problem with the information you have at hand.

The cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) software Salesforce allows businesses to seamlessly organize data from sales, app use and other business metrics at one place. Salesforce capabilities are being harnessed by businesses of various sizes at all levels, including boardroom to mangers and sales representatives to provide customers with personalized experiences.

Sales teams have to spend hours in scheduling the sales appointments and tracking the leads. Salesforce implementation automates most of the sales tasks, from estimating the proposals and quoting them up to the older generation at speed. Sales representatives get a 360 degree view of the sales process instantly from anywhere, and need not come to office to get this information. This way, they can instantly render services to their customers and also increase its value.

Smarter and more engaging customer experiences

Salesforce provides a range of capabilities to the sales and marketing teams of an organization. Today’s consumer wants to be able to shop instantly, anytime and from anywhere. This has boosted in-app shopping that makes discovering about a product or service and its purchase seamless and immediate, from any device. Companies are exploring new retail channels such as approaching the customers through their social media accounts including Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram feeds, and then facilitating them to place order directly from these feeds.

IoT and Salesforce

Internet of Things (IoT) is another big avenue where Salesforce integration presents tremendous potential for business growth. The IoT’s potential is much wider in retail innovations as its trajectory continues to trend upward. Businesses are using IoT to improve customer service through location-based answers. IoT can be leveraged in supply chain for updating inventory that alerts when the stocks are low, and smart price tags that change in real-time as per the demand.

AI-driven experiences

People have artificial intelligence (AI) driven experiences everyday through product recommendations and favourite apps. Customers expect AI-driven experiences through all brands. By embracing AI, you gain the ability to transform raw customer data sitting in silos across your sales channels into actionable insights. Artificial intelligence is something which is very useful in augmenting customer experiences by providing them personalized services meeting the specific requirements of the customer demographics.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud

As retail becomes more spread across devices, technologies and newer sales channels, cloud-based centralized platform Salesforce Commerce Cloud enables businesses to provide consistent brand experience across touchpoint of a customer journey. Einstein Bot for Service Clout by Salesforce reduces a company’s chat volume by automating responses to simple service requests so that human attendants can attend to more complex requests that require cognitive intelligence.

Einstein Bot

Einstein Bot by Salesforce, known as Salesforce Einstein Bot, provides businesses the ability to identify patterns and trends to predict outcomes and anticipate customer experience. It pulls customer data and service history from the main Salesforce CRM platform to provide personalized services to the customers. If a request exceeds the bot’s capability, it will escalate the issue to a live representative.

MyTrailhead by Salesforce

Announced in 2019, learning management system myTrailhead by Salesforce allows businesses to develop custom modules and trailmixes that adapt learning content to specific roles and functions. It assigns training content in trailheads to an organization’s branding, style and unique culture.

Service Cloud

Salesforce Service Cloud provides companies with a 360-degree view of the customers, enabling them to offer personalized and comprehensive services faster, It helps businesses increase their first-time fix rate, capitalize on the growing trend of customer self-service and reduced service workload.

Quip – the corroborative documents tool

Quip by Saleesforce is a collaboration tool which is designed to bring productivity into the business workflows and enable teams to be more efficient. Quip enables companies to embed corroborative documents in their processes, so the teams can gain access to the most updated data and implement the best practices. Mobile optimization by Quip makes it possible for the users to eliminate duplicate entries and reduce the risk of dirty data. Quip can also be integrated with Dropbox, Jira and other apps.

Salesforce also saves customer service agents’ time and efforts by automating many of the routine tasks and providing the business managers the insights they need to succeed. It achieves this by automating the customer responses whenever possible and scheduling for messages. You also get the benefit of outstanding time management as you have all the information to prioritize your work. Built-in calendar tools help you better visualize your schedule for the day and nurture a potential lead.

Chatter team collaboration tool

Chatter feature of Salesforce is a useful ream collaboration tool that help you talk with the team members and also clients. Chatter also lets your team members to manage the accounts that need special attention. You can keep your whole team focused on what they need to do and at what priority.

Since Salesforce is a cloud-based platform, all the information is real and up-to-date, can be accessed from anywhere and is safe to use. You can stay in touch with your business and team at all times.

Partnering for Salesforce implementation

As your Salesforce implementation partner, Flexsin Technologies can help integrate and customize your Salesforce CRM requirements for effective sales management. We provide Salesforce consulting services for better customer management and keeping them satisfied. With all the customer information you need right at your fingertips, Flexsin can help you plan for your accounts independently and for accelerated growth. You will have access to a highly experienced and dedicated team that will work with you on your goals. Contact Flexsin to set up your business for growth and bring in more revenue.


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