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Business Intelligence Trends And Implications In 2019

From the past few years, there have been revolutionary changes in business intelligence. Data explod...
Published: 14 Dec 2018
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Business IntelligenceFrom the past few years, there have been revolutionary changes in business intelligence. Data exploded and result in massive. Humans have now gained access to cloud. We can finally now see spreadsheets taking to the backseat to actionable, insightful data visualization, plus interactive business dashboards. The emergence of self-service analytics has commeasured the data product chain. Precipitously, modern analytics had not been only for the analysts.

2018 has been a specifically major yes for the industry of business intelligence, the trends we had presented yesteryear would carry on throughout 2019. The BI landscape, however, is constantly evolving, and the future of BI is played now, with rising trend to focus on. In the year of 2019, BI strategies are supposed to get progressively more customized. Organizations of all sizes are no more questioning if they want enhanced access to BI analytics, however what does make the best Business Intelligence solution for their individual business. Organizations are no longer speculating if data visualization can mend analyses, but what’s the smartest way to tell each data-story. 2019 is going to be the year of data discovery and data quality management: Secure and clean data pooled with an easy-to-understand and solid presentation. 2019 will as well be a year dog multi0-cloud strategies and AI. We are super excited to witness what this New Year has to offer. Get to read our 4 top business intelligence trends for 2019 –

  • Data quality Management:

The data quality analytics trends have grown widely in 2018. The emergence and wide acceptance of Business Intelligence to extract and analyze value from the numbers of sources of data that be gather at high scale, got alongside a horde of errors and degraded reports: The inequality of data sources and data kinds had added a little bit of more intricacy to the data integration process.

  • Data recovery:

This has maximized its effect over the past year. The already highlighted survey done by the Business Application Center registered data discovery in the top three business intelligence trends by the significance hierarchy. The top practitioners of business intelligence progressively display that the assent of business users is a powerful and consistent trend. Moreover, business users are to require software that is: flexible and agile, easy-to-use, to reduce time to insight and to allow simple handling of a high volume and numbers of data.

  • Artificial Intelligence:

This happens to be one of the leading trends picked by Gartner in their 2019 Strategic. Besides, businesses are as well considering combining AI with sovereign things, and focusing on the extent of sophistication AI communicates with its environment. AI is the technology targeting to make machines perform what is typically done by intricate human intelligence. More of than not, it is seen as the greatest foe-friend of our race in movies such The Machines of Matrix or Terminator; Artificial Intelligence is never yet on the verge to destroy the earth, despite the legit cautions of a few renowned tech-entrepreneurs and scientists.

  • Connected cloud:

The pervasiveness of the cloud is nothing new to anybody keeps up-to-date with business intelligence trends. In the coming year, the cloud is believed to continue reigning with more and more businesses moving toward cloud connecting as a consequence of the explosion of cloud-based tools available in the market. Furthermore, entrepreneur will get to know about how to adopt the cloud analytics power, where most of the components – data models, data sources, computing power, processing applications, data storage and analytic models – will be stored in the cloud.

So, how about becoming data-driven in 2019?!

To be data-driven is no more an ideal; it’s now an expectation in the new age business market. 2019 is going to be exciting time of looking past all hype and moving toward to excerpt the maximum value from state-of-the-art online reporting software.


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