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Business Collaboration Tools For Competitive Differentiation During COVID-19 Uncertainties

With the world shifting more and more into the digital realm due to the current COVID-19 driven situ...
Published: 19 Jun 2020
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Home Blog Business Collaboration Tools For Competitive Differentiation During COVID-19 Uncertainties

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With the world shifting more and more into the digital realm due to the current COVID-19 driven situation, the technology is being leveraged by businesses to connect the employees and teams along distributed and virtualized work locations. Traditional work models are no longer agile enough to function in the evolving coronavirus situation. Video conferencing and real-time collaboration platforms are widely used that provide the right tools and right information at the right time to the employees and customers, all the while balancing privacy and operational risks.

The new work models fostering human-machine interactions remotely are being adopted by businesses big and small for competitive differentiation and business value. The collaboration tools used by workforces facilitate a dynamic environment, unbounded by the physical distance or time zones.

Intelligent automation technologies

A broad range of intelligent automaton techniques has become available that are redefining how we get the work done. The digital workplace involves the use of emerging online meeting technologies, ranging from HR and payroll management to enterprise social media tools and core business applications. However, any collaboration tool must underpin the appropriate checks and controls to secure sensitive business data and organizational assets with appropriate management procedures and governance structures.

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Virtual bars

Businesses across healthcare, IT, online learning, hospitality and other sectors are embracing the new work from home culture at a rapid pace. Virtual bar experiences such as BrewDog are being created by top alcohol brands as a way to bring people together and socialize amidst COVID-19 lockdown and regulated physical distancing measures. Online bars provide a platform to the struggling and out-of-work hospitality pros to do what they love doing – serving the customers their favorite drink, safely and remotely. Bartenders can work at the virtual bars like they used to do on a physical one. They can host a virtual happy hour for the customers who can share their stories on Instagram Live as well. When the restrictions are loosened and one visits a physical bar, they are like to miss their virtual bar experience, and may rather prefer it over visiting a bar physically as it saves time and fatigue of going a bar.

Stay fit and inspired

When it comes to fitness, online yoga classes with live streaming videos for every level ensure that you stay fit and inspired for your day’s work. Thanks to the development in video streaming technology, yoga practitioners are now shifting their yoga studio to digital classes. They can stand upside down in the privacy of their own homes. You can practice yoga at your own convenient time and space, without arriving at a studio at a fixed time. You need to worry about missing office events due to yoga classes, and can also retain your practice session. When you are traveling, you can just view your yoga video on your mobile or laptop, and start practicing in your hotel room. You can also grow your practice in the comfort of your home.

Many of the coronavirus-era programs are focused on wellness. Mindfulness meditation webinars deserve special mention here. Mindfulness brings employees together and encourages them to trust and support one-another. A daily dose of mindfulness boosts attention and encourages employees to perform better. Mindfulness business training webinars are being adopted by the companies as part of their organizational culture to extoll its benefits in enhancing the employees’ motivation, satisfaction level and productivity.

Let your employees do the work the way they prefer

Your organizational culture drives both your success and failure. In the emerging fluid situation due to COVID-19, the businesses that do not leverage the collaboration techniques are bound to leg behind. The key is to understand how your employees prefer to work and devise a change management plan that can help you stay ahead in the game.

Access technology to do business in better ways

Leveraging its expertise spanning over a decade of providing custom software development services to businesses across a spectrum of industries, Flexsin Technologies can help you identify the areas of opportunity for business continuity in the ongoing COVID-10 pandemic driven situation. Our developers are apt at the collaboration tools and techniques, and provide you the insights for better ways of doing business. We can help in breaking down the traditional ways of working in silos with our unified communication and collaboration tools with role-based access from any location or any device. A number of our clients in various industries and geographies have grown to rely on us over the past some years, and we have ensured that they continue to do business in an unhindered way by accessing our extensive online collaboration capabilities.

Managing distressed business continuity situations

The message comes through loud and clear seemingly from every keynote, panel discussion or advisory by the government related to organizations that they do need to create a framework for digital transformation to stay competitive and relevant in a world marred by the coronavirus. Multigenerational and multi-local workforces are bringing their unique needs to the workplaces. Flexsin can be your partner in business continuity and growth strategy during the COVID-19 pandemic that continues to cause uncertainties, by enabling remote and secure access to your organizational resources from anywhere with integrated systems to improve productivity. We ensure that your customer experiences are not diminished due to COVID-19.


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