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Biggest challenges enterprise mobile application developers need to overcome

The spectrum of novel and high-end gadgets, from smartphones to tablets, is redefining the new arena...
Published: 16 Oct 2014
Category: Enterprise Applications,  Mobile App Development
Home Blog Biggest challenges enterprise mobile application developers need to overcome

The spectrum of novel and high-end gadgets, from smartphones to tablets, is redefining the new arena of generation next mobile phone users. Not surprisingly, the gadgets of today are like a hi-tech companion that benefits both individuals as well as business enterprises by simplifying their daily routine jobs with the help of high-end smart gadgets. Whether it is being social or finding easy online platforms for shopping and collecting information, smartphones and tablets make a difference while letting people reach the web world through easily-operated devices. And it is possible because of highly compatible enterprise mobile applications established by mobile app developers.

As the band of smartphones is broadening day-by-day, mobile app developers have to deal with many intricate challenges like what gadgets to target, how to develop a mass-appealing application and secure the data on web server, etc. Modern developers have unearthed some effective development platforms to infuse higher functionality and UI elements in mobile apps. Native development tools encompass the popular platforms such as iOS, Android, Windows, Symbian, BlackBerry, Java, and Linux. Cross-platform development framework go in line with the enterprise application tools such as HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS.

Developers have to meet changing customer needs in accordance with the fast changing scenario smartphone usability. Mentioned-below are some of the biggest challenges Enterprise Mobile Application Developers face. These include:

API Management API management is aimed to instill a set of strict policy regarding the practice of components while building a mobile application. It later provides the applications with flexibility and extensibility for a wide range of operating platforms. Here, web developers create end user support resources in a secure, scalable environment.

Design To design the most compatible application, developers need to utilize suitable architecture while designing an application framework. Today, enterprise mobile application developers use security layers for web applications, which stay consistent across all sorts of operating platforms.

Security for smartphones Naturally, smartphones are vulnerable to cyber threats, since the users have started getting access to data and download them wirelessly. In such cases, a developer has to think about the security of smartphones while using a specific mobile app. The application should have an encryption for data apart from the inherent security competences. It will never incline to lure smartphone users, if the application poses threat to their handsets.

Testing applications In the most cases, application testing is repeatedly ignored in the development procedure. Mobile phone users like to have an application in their handsets to pursue more expedient and reliable data while looking for information. Before putting it in the public domain, the developers should check properly if the newly-developed mobile application is compatible with all operating platforms or not. The purpose of testing an application is not restricted to the visibility only; it is also aimed to ensure that the app is not a battery hog.

Today, offshore mobile app development services are revolutionizing the smartphone applications with novel methodologies so as to overcome the challenges while developing cutting-edge applications.


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