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Big Data and Business Intelligence Revolutionizing The Business World

BI and Analytics solutions are helping multitude of businesses, ranging from startups to enterprises...
Published: 09 May 2019
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BI & Big Data Analytics

BI and Analytics solutions are helping multitude of businesses, ranging from startups to enterprises, identify and interpret patterns, trends, anomalies and relationships from their in-house based data assets in collaboration with external sources of data. BI solutions have proven to drive enhancements in operational processes and enactments, while empowering employees to generate individual reports, run queries, share insights, collaborate with other and run their own analyses.

The incorporation of BI and Big Data Analytics technology within your organization provides you with influential acumens via Internet or in your hands with a smartphone to make the right just in time. Moreover, it also transforms your company into a data-driven, well-oiled machine. As the adage goes, data does not lie!

Three primary steps of getting BI incorporated:

The assessment and planning

It starts with the assessment of required BI results, creation of roadmaps, analyzing possible solution landscapes, completion of proof of concepts and lastly, deciding on the right technology and tools.

Implementation and full integration

It starts by choosing the right and full-fledged BI platform design, architecture, which then extends to implementation, incorporation, development, and validation of the entire process for business’ success.

BI DataOps

At this stage, your business is given DataOps’ support in order to drive BI platform with integration of additional data source, performance improvements and continued data quality.

Required technological expertise in BI integration

Speaking of it, we would like to proceed with how we do it – Your business receives full-scale support in order to implement BI and analytics leveraging the benefits of advanced BI platforms, DataOps practices and enterprise data management platforms. Following is a set of BI expertise and experience required in the process:

  • Power BI
  • Tableau
  • Logi Analytics
  • Looker

Top qualities of a good BI solutions firm:

  • Always getting it right in collaboration with top-notch BI experts
  • Acceleration of success ensuring robust relationships with world’s leading providers of BI technology
  • Empowering employees with strong Business Intelligence competences for decision making and eloquent insights.
  • Saving company overheads by choosing cost-effective GDM (Global Delivery Model).

Big Data Analytics

A properly carried out Big Data Analytics solutions always help your business incorporate and put large volumes of data together from incongruent sources, transmuting raw data into valued information resources for quicker and prices analytics, automation and decision-making and automation. The right big data analytics solutions will always help your organization drive operational, customer, industry-oriented IoT results through prescriptive, cognitive, diagnostics and predictive analytics.

While the process of big data analytics’ implement and integration are virtually similar, let’s focus on the required set of technology expertise:

It focuses on bridging the gap between massive data generation and businesses demanding for data to leverage and experience impactful insights. You will be given full-scale assistance to implement functional big data analytics solutions based on modern platforms, supportive DataOps practices and enterprise data management platforms. Following this, there comes the requirement for technology expertise and platforms to be chosen accordingly. As far as we speak of our expertise, we have proficiency in working with:

  • Azure cortana intelligence suite
  • Apache big data platform

Top qualities of a good Big Data Analytics solutions firm:

  • Critical thinking: The experts, who are otherwise called data scientists, should have ability to think critically. They must be able to understand and apply independent analysis of facts on a provided context before developing opinions or giving out judgements.
  • Coding: They must know how to write codes and be comfortable managing numbers of programming assignments.
  • Proficient in deep learning, machine learning and AI: For every industry is moving in these areas fast, there is a demand for a massive volume of data every now and then. Therefore, your prospective service provider must have deep understanding of the field and potential challenges there, only to resolve them without hampering the entire project.
  • Data architecture: It is important for the team to understand what will happen to the data during their transformation from the beginning to model to ultimate business decision.
  • Risk analysis: A good Big Data Analytics agency will always understand that the importance of analyzing potential business risk. They will, as a result, will build elaborate analysis on potential risks, only to mitigate them.

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